Friday, June 22, 2012

June 17-21 We will miss Gpa

So on June 17th (fathers day) Grandpa Hager passed away. Orson (Hap) Mathews Hager born March 29, 1917 he lived to be 95 and he was simply amazing. He always had such a cute smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. I remember the day Terry was so excited for me to go meet his Grandpa and Grandma. We went to their little white house where they sat around the table arguing with one another in a cute way. Then Grandpa would go pull out his trusty little black journal to prove he was right. I remember ever since the day I walked through those doors I have always felt completely loved by those 2. In fact we gave Treg Grandpa's last name as his middle name because it just felt right to have his Hager name next to the Townsend name. We all admired the man that Grandpa is and all he has been through. May you now enjoy your dance with Grandma that you have been waiting so long for. We love you and we will miss you but we know you are in good hands that love you. Thanks for teaching us to be HAPPY no matter what is thrown our way.

After we learned of the passing of sweet Grandpa we went to the basement to finish tiling the little bit of tile we had left to do. After we felt good about the work we had done then it was time to play.
We packed up a lunch, sunscreen and our boat and headed to the lake. Here we just relaxed in the sun. We felt like it was our duty to teach the children how to not just work hard but to relax and play hard as well. So we did our parental duties and did just that. We swam in the lake, laid in the sun, and watched the kids run up and down pelican point exploring like crazy.
Then we came home and smoothered Terry with his father's day gifts and his 40th birthday gifts. I have to say he didn't get too much because on Friday we leave for a week at a beach house in Newport, CA with Troy and his family. That was Terry's real 40th birthday gift. But he loved his pontoon boat and BBQ fish dinner. Terry we are so thankful to have you as the father of this family. You are amazing in every way how you teach our children strength, courage, love and devotion. You are such a hard worker with great sensitivities to others. We do LOVE YOU!
Tuesday the 19th was the kids first swim meet. They all did great! Treg wanted to swim a 100 IM so I signed him up and he did his best. I was so proud of him for trying something new and swimming his hardest. He got disqualified because when he jumped off the blocks he came up swimming free style and it starts with Butterfly. But he finished the race and did his best. Way to go guys! Bowdee took 1st in the 200 IM and 1st in the 50 Butterfly but DQ for 100 Butterfly. Matia took 3rd in 50 Back, 9th in 50 Free and 6th in 50 Breast. Treg took 2nd in 50 Back, 2nd in 50 Free and DQ in the 100 IM.
Wednesday the 20th was sweet grandpa's funeral. It was a short and very sweet viewing, then to the grave site to lay him to rest next to grandma. Grandpa was a pilot in WWII and then a commercial pilot after that. He loved to spend his summer in Why, AZ and he would always say "Why not" He had a super sweet happy disposition and he loved doing crafts to pass the time. He did amazing models, cross-stitching, nail art and loved reading old westerns. We will love you always and forever Grandpa!
After we enjoyed a nice lunch with the relatives we headed back to mom and dad Townsends and enjoyed some time with Terry's siblings and their kids. After they all left we stayed a little longer and had a BBQ with Terry's really good childhood friend Jason Wells and his cute family. So the kids all got to play and have fun, 2 of Matt's kids were there also and it was amazing to me how well they all get along even after such a long time!
We woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm. I had completely forgot Treg had his first Scout Day Camp today and had to be at the church at 6:15. So we frantically ran around getting him out of bed and everything he needed. Drove him to the church and kissed him goodbye. He had such a good time but he looked so little I wasn't sure he should be going. He had a fantastic time and was so excited to buy himself a pocket knife there at the little store. His favorite part was the

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time Finally! June 1-16

The first week of summer we just took it easy and tried to get into the swing of summer. All 3 of the kids made the Hast Summer Swim team again so each day from 12:30-1:30 we have swimming. I have been able to go with them and find a lane so I can swim at the same time. Which has been working GREAT!
We of course have been crazy busy with all the kids finishing up with their baseball games. It has been so fun to watch them all get a little better with each game they play. I love the encouragement they receive from their team and that they give to their team members and each other. At Bowdee's last game he hit a full on over the fence home run! He was so excited that was amazing to watch.
This week I have mostly been excited to go see Matia's dance performance on Saturday. She is such an amazing performer she stands out because of her amazing smile and attitude that she dances with. Thank you Matia for dancing for us you are truly amazing.
The second week of summer on June 10th Terry and I fell in love. For the longest time Terry and I have wanted to live on a farm to give our kids a little bit of what we grew up with as far as experiences, responsibilities and let them enjoy the magic of childhood that comes from a farm. We drove with my brother Kyle to a 5.25 acre farm down by my Aunt Dixies. But as of yesterday it is under contract. So we put in a backup offer just in case something happens.
Wednesday LanDesk (Terry's employers) took us to Lagoon. The kids had so much fun as Terry and I walked around dreaming about the farm and the possibilities. The rides make us so sick anymore that it is nice they are old enough to say "Have fun" and we just wave from the side lines on most of them. We stayed until they closed and we didn't want to leave we had so much fun!
Saturday we took another drive down to the farm by the lake and this time the kids found 3 kittens Matia would like to call the farm the Miracle Farm because she says some different kind of miracle happens every time we go there. We spent the rest of the day tiling our basement trying to finish it up for carpeting.