Saturday, January 8, 2011

Basketball here we come!

Matia and Bowdee are back at it in basketball again. Terry is Bowdee's coach again and they both seem to love it. They have a great team and all the boys seem to be excited about playing. This is the first year they will have an extra hour a week to practice together and then 1 hour game a week. They had their first practice game on today and it was amazing to see Bowdee go for a layup and actually make it! Wow it looked so GREAT! Good luck Bowdee & Terry.Matia has the same coach she had last year which she really enjoyed. She is a little defender, I love to watch her intensity. She also has most of the same players on the team so they are all excited about that as well. Matia I know you will only improve your skills the more you practice. Keep up the good work we are so proud of you. So here we go every Saturday we will have games for the next 8 weeks.