Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flaming Gorge

So this week was the week of our big summer vacation. And yes we went to Flaming Gorge again. We just love that place there is so much to do with shade and decent temps. Kyle (I love this boy) my brother got us to go with him 4 maybe 5 years ago and we fell in love. Now we go every year and we love it as much as we did the year before. We went with Troy and his girls. Right before we left we found out my Uncle Stan was going to be there the same time. Which was a bonus, I love that man. Sunday we drove there and then set up camp. It was a pretty uneventful day (which can be good when you are traveling). Then Monday we went to spend the day on the lake and the boat broke down... UGH! To make a long story short Terry and his brother (I love those boys) know enough about boats that they replaced the impeller then we went back out. UGGH again the impellar housing was bad and that ate up the new impellar so we had to order an impellar in from SLC and have it over nighted to Vernal. Well my dad (I love that man too) decided he needed to take a spontanious trip to Flaming Gorge to visit his brother and brought us the impellar w/ new housing that we had ordered and also purchased us a back up. WOW! Amazing that he and my mom could actually pull everything together to just leave that quickly for a whole week.

So Tuesday as my mom and dad were making their special delivery to Flaming Gorge we took Stan and Pris down the Green River in Pepper! It was a perfect day on the river with a great view all the way down. We got off the river n meet my mom and dad then put the part in the boat that night.

Wednesday we went out boating to check it out and make sure everything was well with it. We snorkelled a little in the little cove we like so much and then played at the beach and just relaxed the rest of the day. After all isn't that what vacations are for?Thursday we rafted the Green again with my mom and dad this time. It was my mom's first time rafting that long of a river she has been down a very SHORT part of the Snake but it was so much fun to watch her experience something that I love so much. After rafting we went cliff jumping. The kids all did it this year a couple times.

Friday morning we went on the Dam Tour. I have always wanted to do that and it was so cool. After the Dam tour we just went and bummed on the boat for the rest of the day. We did a little wakeboarding and snorkeling and we just chilled.

Saturday we headed for Red Fleet Reservoir which is toward Vernal. We went on an adventure we went and snorkled across a bay, then put on our shoes and hiked over a small hill, then we put our fins back on and snorkeled another bay to a really sandy beach. I was the coolest clay/sand that we have played in. The kids loved it the we explored the little hill side and then we noticed a big storm coming in so we had to head back as fast as we could. The kids did great and we had a good time. But we had to head to Vernal after to check out our truck because the transmission started acting up.

Sunday we tore down camp and headed home. What a fun year! A great way to end the summer. I can't believe school is starting so soon.