Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Season 2010

This year has come and gone so stinking fast we didn't even have time to put lights up on our house. It was everything we could do to get the letter written and out in the mail, then to make rice krispies and plates for our dear friends who mean so much to us. We didn't even put up snowbabies, see the temple lights, or do much of anything else.
oh well we did make it to Ryan and Kristi's temple sealing in Logan.
We made gingerbread houses with Troys family. We saw the reindeer and lights at Thanksgiving point with the Callaways.
We visited Santa at Gma and Gpa Townsends which we always enjoy.
We enjoyed a Hager family Christmas Party.
Then we had a spontanious Christmas party at our house which we did the nativity with the Covington cousins and listened to Kyles entertaining stories.
Then ended Christmas Eve with some good old fashion Famiy Rockband! So all in all it was a fun Christmas season but a little to quick for our style! We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!