Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farm Drama! August 27-September 2nd

August 27th Monday - At lunch Terry took a part around from the furnace, I called a million places trying to find someone that would sell the part to us. He found it then when he got home we went to the farm to install it. Well it didn't fix the problem so we will be looking for a furnace guy to come fix it tomorrow. Before the inspector comes out to see if all our work is complete!

August 28th Tuesday - Today we had Best cooling and heating come fix the furnace we had a burned out coil, plugged pilot, and bad transmitter. $200 dollars later and 2 hours later the furnace was working GREAT thanks to Robert. Now we are waiting for the inspector to get back with us. I helped with Tia's soccer practice and Terry made this awesome new floor plan for the farm house!

August 29th Wednesday - Finally at 2:00 after waiting all day for the verdict on the house inspection Drew Armstrong (My wonderful Realtor) called to tell me the inspector passed everything and sent it to the underwriter. Now the underwriter wants us to replace all the carpeting and paint or they wont give us the loan! Really I am about to scream. I guess they are passing this through upper management to try and over ride it. So Terry and I took a ride out tonight to see if the house is braced the right way so we can do his floor plan if we ever get this place!

August 30th Thursday - I got to go to lunch with my wonderful friends Mindy and Chris we went to Rumbi, it was so nice to visit with them. I don't get to see them much so I love every minute I get with them. Then I got a call at 3:00 from Drew again saying the appraiser said if we clean the carpets and walls he will pass it to average which the underwriter should approve at that time. So back to the house to scrub scrub scrub until 10:30 at night! Amy came to help scrub which was so nice because this house is soooo GROSS!

August 31st Friday - So everything was lined up to close appraiser approved the home everything. My boys Drew and Mike called the title company and I guess the seller has a 24 hour waiting period so now we can't close until Tuesday. I am still to nervous to get excited although I am pretty sure this is happening. I guess we gotta get serious and get rid of some stuff and get this place ready to rent out. Crazy that we are doing all of this for a experience for the children to learn a little of country living. I am getting kinda excited for the views and chores! So since we can't work on the farm house we decided to start finishing one more bath in the basement. Not sure how far we will get but we are going to start.
Right after school was Bowdee's first dance... You know like boys and girls dancing together kind of dance? Well Terry and I gave him the 411 about how these things work and how it is cool to dance and not just stand around. Then we got the younger kids involved and worked on the little things like where to put your hands, how fast to dance, what kind of conversation is good-if any. He had a great time at the dance said it was way HOT, but fun. He asked Adi (his really good friend/girlfriend) to dance. But that was the only dance he danced to. But he had fun!
September 1, Saturday We are still upset about not closing by this weekend but oh well can't do much now except prepare. So we started finishing that room in the basement. Then we decided to start cleaning it out of stuff we don't need down there. Then we decided we don't have a place for that here so we took our first load of stuff to the farm! Just a bunch of shelving that we hope people leave alone but no big deal if they don't. We did get the electrical in the bathroom.
So we just finished showering and getting in my "To Stays" when Holly called asking me what I was doing. Then she said she had tickets to Sugarland and she didn't have to ask twice I was on my way to Sugarland. What a fun night. We got there just a tich late and missed the major downpour of rain and the first show. Then it cleared up for the second show and then when we were waiting for Sugarland it started raining again. But it was such a good concert we enjoyed even the rain! Thanks Hols for inviting me what a fun NIGHT!
September 2nd, Sunday We had breakfast then headed to the farm with our 4 wheeler and a rope swing. Terry set up the rope swing for the kids while I cleaned the windows in the mud room. That was not fun but the kids sure enjoyed the rope swing and Bowdee had a great time driving the 4 wheeler around making paths in the ragweed that is taller then I am. Then we cleaned out the rain gutters. I don't think this has ever been done on this house. It was crazy and we were so tired when we were done. So we ended up crashing to the new Footloose movie and fell asleep after.