Monday, August 13, 2012

August 1-12 (20 Year Reunion & Gooseberry)

August 1st, Swim team is officially over for the summer. Today the kids had their end of summer swim team party where they were awarded their trophies. Bowdee and Treg both took 1st for their ages and Matia took 5th. I am so proud of the kids for doing their best and completing yet another fun year of swimming.

After the swim party I went with my big sis kat and mom and dad up American Fork Canyon to go for a ride in dads side by side. We had a great time just being up the canyon and visiting with each other. I had to come home to get Bowdee off to football practice and then we went back out for dinner that night. What a fun treat to have Kathy around so we could have some fun together!
August 2nd, I decided to take the kids to Seven Peaks today so they all chose a friend to take with us. And I just threw out a text to Holly to see if she was going to be there. And wouldn't you know it she changed all her plans to go chill at Seven Peaks. I must say Holly is a very spontaneous friend always up for something fun. Treg took Cameron, Matia took Tayla and Bowdee took Easton. What a fun day!
August 3rd, today was filled with friends playing with friends going here and there and just loving the freedom of summer. At the end of the day my kids ended up over at the Callaways for a late night of babysitting while Terry and I went out on a date to the famous JDawgs. Terry loves this place and was so excited to take me so here I am enjoying my first REAl JDAWGS Dog. I must say it was nice to be on a date with a hot man who treats me like a queen. Love ya babe thanks for the dog.
August 4th, Wow today was my 20 year school reunion at Wines park. What a trip it was to see these faces that I have not seen in 20 years. Crazy how so many of them live here in Saratoga Springs or Lehi and we never see each other. It was fun to see these cute people and remember the good old days. Holly and I had so many people say we look like sisters. What a fun time!
After the park Terry and I were going boating but my kids didn't want to go too bad so I invited Tonja because I knew she had no kids at the moment and Holly because she has wanted to go so bad for so long. So me and my girls headed for a last minute boating experience. Terry came along just to keep an eye on his boat... You know how he is but that was a good thing other wise I don't think we would have ever came back we were all having so much fun! Thanks girls!
August 5th, We spent the day on the lake with our kids. We bummed into a friend of Terry's who just happened to be out boating with another friend of his from Alpine. They were a FUN group of people who loved to smile and have a good time. So we chatted and threw the football around and the waves stopped just in time so the kids could enjoy some wake boarding. Matia is really getting the hang of it. Treg struggled a little today getting up so I got out and helped him remember how to do it. But what a fun day just relaxing in the sun with some good people!
August 6th, As Treg was at soccer practice and Bowdee was at football practice Matia helped her daddy assemble the benches for my kitchen table. She was having so much fun just helping her dad I just couldn't let the moment pass without a photo. I have to tell you the attitude that girl has is just amazing. She is always so happy and positive we love having our little girl around us. After we assembled benches we went to the basement to hang our closet doors.
August 7th, Well its time to start getting ready for preschool once again. This year with all the craziness I have decided to just do 2 classes. So that means only 20 students to prepare for. It's crazy how much more work those other 10 students are. But I am so thankful to be working with my sweetest friend Christina as my assistant. She is always there to make the work seem not so bad! After we got our preschool shirts printed and ironed we were spontaneous and hit a 3:30 movie the Step Up Revolution and we loved it!
August 8th, Seven Peaks AGAIN! This is the first year I have not hated Seven Peaks. I have actually enjoyed taking my kids there this year. Today I went on a bunch of rides with all of them. It was fun to run around acting like a kid again. It really took me back a few years to when I was a teenager checking out the cute boys getting all giggly. Now I was just the old mom SCREAMING her heart out with fear going down the scary rides. What a fun day!
August 9th, Farmland update so for the last 2 months we have been dreaming of owning this farmland just 5 minutes away from us but far enough away that it really feels like a farm. Today they are telling us it might not qualify for the green belt tax break which if it doesn't the taxes double and would be at least $6,000 a year. Which we are just not willing to pay every year along with the home insurance would quadruple from what we pay now. GRRR!
August 10th, Gooseberry FINALLY! As you all know I enjoy going to Gooseberry every year just for a little camping away from the crowds. So today I spent the day grocery shopping, cleaning, researching the farm, and packing. But I tell you what it is all worth it when we skip away for a little relaxing in the sun with a fishing pole in hand. On the way down Troy's tire came off of his suburban and he lost the lug nuts so he was not able to make it. The Salina Reservoir was REALLY low so no fishing tonight but we did enjoy a wonderful campfire by "one match Tia"!
August 11th, We drove around looking for a better camp spot and didn't find anything so we went fishing at cold springs. Turns out the fish were biting on everything and we caught quite a few. Then we packed lunch and went to visit Jason Wells and his family who were camping at Fish Lake. We talked with them a bit which is always nice to see them. Bowdee learned a new card game from Wayne called Garbage. But we mostly just enjoyed visiting with some dear friends and finding shelter from the daily 2:00 rain storm.
After our visit we went to Bowerys for an ice cream you know that tradition that grandpa started. Well we enjoyed our ice cream with some beautiful scenery then we headed to the lake to try and catch some bigger fish. Well all we caught was perch and seaweed.
The kids thought the perch was pretty cool because they had never caught perch before so that was exciting and I can't say I have ever seen one either. Bowdee lost his favorite spinner so he stripped down to his boxers went out in the freezing lake and by golly he found his spinner. I didn't think he could do it but he sure did.
We headed back to the Gooseberry side just in time for some cards, dinner and another fire. Terry even found time to catch a quick nap because he has had this kink in his back that has been buggin him. Treg made a very nice fire we enjoyed BBQ Pork Sandwiches and smores! Man I just don't think life gets any better then this!
In the morning we went back for a little fishing at Cold Springs and we were all having such luck but man it got busy lots of families all along the shores but we all caught alot. Matia caught the most fish and she ended up getting one big enough to keep so she gutted the fish and away we went to play some more Garbage card game and explore around our campsite.
On our way home we pulled over to pick some pinion pine cones when Terry noticed we had a flat tire on our trailer. So he took this time to teach Bowdee a thing or two about changing a tire. Bowdee did amazing changing the tire while Matia made us some turkey bagel sandwiches for lunch. After our little flat tire adventure we were back on the road and on our way home.