Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 6-11 Soap Stone Basin

Tuesday was my first day of preschool. I am teaching 3 classes this year and I have an assistant for 2 of them. Christina is so much like me that it is crazy we can almost read each others minds.

Yet we compliment each other like crazy and when I forget something she usually is there to help me out. So having the best assistant in the world and 27 amazing children I consider myself to have the best job around.

I just can't tell you how excited I am to get to know each of these kids. They all seem so cute and I know we will have one fantastic time. And better yet the parents all seem to be on top of it and excited for the year.

Since the elk hunt is not officially over we decided to go to Soap Stone to see if we have any better luck up there. Of course we had to wait for games to get over so we didn't get to leave until later. But we got up there and it was a beautiful drive. Then we had time to throw off the 4-wheelers and take a quick spin. We found this pond that had baby frogs hoppin around so the kids loved catching them and letting them go. I consider these to be priceless memories I hope they will remember FOREVER!

Terry went again in the morning and was suprised to come back to breakfast ready for him at 9:00. Usually I sleep in or go hunting with him but today I got up and going. So then we took a longer spin on the 4-wheelers and went back to the pond to look for fossils and stuff. After the ride we went back and Terry made me brownies while I took a nap.
During my nap Treg comes running in the trailer with a blood curling "Dad come quick" so Terry runs out to find a dead tweety bird. Treg had shot it with his bbgun. Then he wasn't sure what to think of it he felt kinda bad... So that is Tregs first killing experience. I don't think he will be shooting at any living thing for a LONG time...