Friday, April 6, 2012

March 18-31

Sunday, I know it is suppose to be a day of rest but today Terry and I just couldn't rest until we had those counter tops poured. You see Tregs baptism is this weekend and we just really wanted to have them poured so that the basement looked just that much more finished when all our family came over. So we had fun mixing the concrete and pouring it into the molds then while Terry stayed home and babysat them I took the kids to church. Tregs teacher had asked us parents to come and talk about mission work.

So I went and talked about my dad and how thankful I am that he had friends that asked him to go to church with him every Sunday, and how those kids made him feel so completely special when he was there. Without them I am sure my dad would have eventually led down the same path his brothers did and his parents a life without the special teachings of the Church. I am also so thankful that my dad was a good enough man to listen to them and believe in God and chose to be baptized at the age of 16. No you don't have to be 19 and called on a mission to be a missionary. We can be missionaries every day of our lives just by showing people you care for them. Just like Jesus asks us to do "Love thy neighbor".

Tuesday the 20th was Bowdee's baseball tryouts he is trying out for the Majors this year. Baseball is not his favorite sport but I talked him into doing it one more year. So he was throwing with Izak at tryouts and he leaned to catch a ball and another kid missed his throw and hit  Bowdee in the ear with the ball REALLY hard. It was cold and you know how those ears get. Well he dropped to the ground like a sack of flour about 5 men went running to make sure he was ok. He slowly got up but he had quite the goose egg on his head behind his ear and it hurt to run for a few days after that.

Wednesday the 21st I got to go to Bunco with some good friends of mine. Well Kim is actually my neighbor and visit teacher so I am not so sure she feels obligated to invite me or if she enjoys my company but I sure enjoy going and chillin with her and Deena. Terry stayed home and helped Treg build his first official Pinewood Derby car. Of course he is painting it Gold with a million dollar bill on top and calling it the "Money Machine" I am sure it is going to look really cool! He just is loving scouts and is so excited to be old enough to do all this fun stuff!

Friday was spent cleaning, decorating cupcakes, going to lunch w/ Holly, cleaning some more, and then finally at night we got to go see the AF Childrens Play of Aladdin. Our friends the Callaways were in it with Daisy being a DARLING townsfolk and Annie being Aladdin. Annies personality definitely fits Aladdin and they both did an amazing job. Afterward Matia was begging me to put her back into it this summer so maybe we will try it again. Good job Callaways!

Saturday March 24th what a day, today was the day that Treg was baptized. What a special day in his life. Today is the day that Grandpa Covington will take Treg and wash away his sins. What a fun day for him and then for Grandpa Townsend to bless him with the gift of the Holy Ghost. Afterward we had all our friends and family come back to the house for a spaghetti lunch and dessert.
Grandparents, Glads, Kami's, Kyles, Talesha's, Tara R., Callaways, Christina & Caden, Holly & Peyton, Tonja's, Treg's Teachers the Denney's all came to help Treg celebrate his great decision. We love you Treg and we are so proud of you for Choosing the Right.

This morning Terry and I were going stir crazy so we jumped in the truck to go fishing at Deer Creek when the truck was dead. So we had to go buy new batteries then off we went. The fishing was very very bad without one single bite so we marked it off as a drive up the canyon and a sit down by the lake then headed back to the city. Then we picked up mom and dad Covington and went to see the Hunger Games. When we were on vacation last year we listened to mom read them to us so it only seemed fit to watch them together and it was a GREAT time we all agreed it was done very well.

Today was a busy day but the most memorable thing was when I sent Treg off to his first Cub Scouts Meeting. I remember sending Bowdee and he seemed so old and ready for that. But with Treg he just seems so young and small to be that old... Maybe I am just realizing he is getting older and I don't like it. I am sure your going to make a great scout Treg have fun!

So for Christmas both Bowdee and Izak got passes to Sundance Ski Resort. They have been able to go about once a week since Christmas and has just loved every minute of it. It is funny though because his teacher is starting to tease him about it by saying "Oh Bowdee when I was watching the news 2 nights ago I knew you would be to school yesterday because of the snowstorm we got." Kinda funny but I am so thankful they have each other and they both enjoy it so much.

Treg loves me being involved in his schooling as much as possible. Which I really don't mind because I know that all changes when they get into about 6th grade. So when he begged me and begged me to be a secret reader to his class I just couldn't resist. He helped me pick out the book then I surprised him by dressing up to go read to his class. It was a fun experience and I am glad I let him talk me into it. Love you Treg!

The last day of March we gathered around the Garricks fire pit in their backyard to enjoy some family time. We get along so well with this family it's amazing that it all started with 2 kindergartners deciding to be friends just 7 years ago. Thanks to Adi and Bowdee we are still friends with this amazing family. Love them all thanks for the yummy smores!