Friday, February 25, 2011

Nosey Neighbors

Check out our nosey neighbors. Our chickens are so funny. The other day Matia and I were in the office when we hear a thump on the back door. Matia checks it out and our silly Sweetie Pie was trying to fly through our glass door. I guess I cleaned it better then I thought :) But they often times peek through our door and tease Dash our dog... By the way aren't hens suppose to be quiet? We have some that I swear are as loud as the roosters. I hope it doesn't keep the neighbors up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boys Boarding Sundance

So Wednesday was the perfect day to skip school and go boarding. That is just what I did for Bowdee. Okay so I did't go boarding with them... But I did take them up to Sundance to enjoy the day. Right when we got up there we met up with Jonah Beck and his parents which Jonah is a really good friend of Bowdee's. It is funny because I remember Bowdee pointing to Jonah when we were in the same ward and said mom that kid is so funny I want to be his friend! Ever since then their friendship has grown stronger and stronger. So when we met up with them his parents offered to bring the boys home.It wasn't a hard decision when I had preschool to prepare and activity days girls coming to my house at 4, to do a scrapbooking layout. I took their generous offer gave Bowdee some money for lunch and went home. The boys had a great time and I got so much done!

Fish Dinner w/ Mom & Dad

So after my mom and dad babysat Dash (our Labradoodle) while we went to Wendover. We invited them over for a YUMMY fish dinner. Terry makes the best fish dinner and any time he is willing to cook it for me he is welcome to go fishing. My mom is also a big fan of Terrys fish dinner. Okay so she will eat just about any fish put in front of her. In fact that is why her dad would take her fishing is so she could eat the fish and he could catch more! Nobody can eat fish like my mom. She will lick the bones to get the last little bit and she is so fun to watch. I think that is why we invite her over its kinda entertaining just watching her. Anyway I have to say I am pretty thankful for my parents and all they have taught me. I wish Terrys parents lived closer so we could share little unexpected moments like this. Moments that might go unnoticed to some but will forever be etched inside my brain. I love you mom and dad!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cousin Sleepover

So as the boys were fishing or should I say searching for their tents. I was home nice and warm with my 3 cuties and 3 cousins for a sleepover. I love watching my kids play with their cousins. I never lived close enough to my cousins to become really good friends so to me it is like a bonus in life to have cousins that are close. So we played Just Dance, Kami and I got an ice-cream, we ate Mac-n-cheese (because we love it and Terry hates it). Then we went to church in the morning. Well we were going to church and I started with a migrane so I headed home for some medicine hoping to stop it before it got out of control and ended up nursing it for the next 3 hours. Talk about feeling guilty. I seriously thought I would be able to head back to church right after I took some medicine but it put me down and I had to remind myself to go get the kids from church. Then Terry came home and we headed out to Wendover for the night. We like Wendover for a few reasons. It is a long enough drive away from home that the kids feel like we are going away. #2 We love the long family talks we have on our way out to the middle of no-where. #3 The kids love being allowed into the hot tub (which was not working this time). #4 The kids love choosing where we eat which includes subway, mcdonalds, and smith. But they think it is wonderful and we think the FREE price is wonderful. I remember my dad and mom taking us to the hotel by the Airport.
Dad got some kind of discount from where he worked so thats why we would go there. And to this day I remember eating at Pizza Hut, swimming with my dad and watching a movie. It was the best day ever and we loved it. So we go to Wendover and we love it as a family.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boys Ice Fishing Trip

We headed up to Strawberry on Satuday night for a quick overnighter. It looked like we got there just as the tail end of the storm passed. As we were setting up our QuickFish 6 tents, the full moon was shining through the light snow that was gently falling from the sky. All and all it had the makings of a great night. Little did we know that Mother Nature does this to lure us out into the wild. We settled into the fishing tent and began fishing. While we were sitting there talking about the good-ol-times, it happened. There was a loud "POP" and before we could say holy smokes, we were sitting in a blizzard. Our sleeping tent flew into our fishing tent and with a "POP" the fishing tent lifted off like a rocket and the two tents began racing across the snow covered ice. We took off after the tents and about 200 yards later we caught up to our tents and we were wondering what the crap just happened. We drug the tents back and over an hour later we were finished getting camp back together. The only thing we lost was the snowmobile, but my buddy said he thinks that he saw a green lady with a big nose and a tall black hat flying around in the sky on it.
Anyway, my brother had a 21 inch cut on his line for who knows how long and reeled it in. I think he caught it off of a green 3 inch tube and chub. Our other buddy made it through the storm and joined us for a good clean game of Hold-em. We only got three hours of sleep that night at began fishing at 8:00 a.m. The action was hot on the chub bait, but it is a new way of fishing for us and it was extremely difficult to set the hook.
I had one fish take my lure at the hole while I was trying to land it. Later I caught a 22 inch cut and when I looked in his belly to see what he had for breakfast, I found my lure from earlier. Talk about lucky, I wish I had that same luck during our game of Hold-em. Anyway, 15 feet of water and hot action on the tube jig with chub bait. It was good time. Only landed 2 cuts and 1 crawfish. We saw some nice bull elk near Heber on that North side of the canyon on the way home. P.S. this was written by Terry for a fishing forum and I stole it for my journal. I love the way he tells this story