Friday, September 3, 2010

Bowdee's Arrow of Light

So ever since Bowdee became a Weblo and we saw our neighbor get the Arrow of Light along with the Eager Beaver, Bowdee knew that is what he wanted to achieve. So for the last 11 months Bowdee and I have been trying to complete all the requirements. It has been fun we have learned alot of things along the way and did alot of fun activities together. He also earned 13 belt loops and 13 extra pins. I have to tell you when this boy makes up his mind about something he wants to achieve there is no stopping him. Bowdee I admire your strong determination, you are an amazing young man. CONGRATULATIONS! Now here we are off to boy scouts. Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School

I can't believe the summer is already gone. We had so much fun this summer I would love summer to keep going. But life is just not that way. This summer we really took advantage of the kids bowl for free at Fat Catz. It was something to do on our day off of swim team and we always looked forward to it. We also went skating, hiking and to the antique store that the kids have begged me to take them to for years. All in all it was a great summer with lots of good memories, too bad it is over.
As for school I am sure the kids will all have a great time. We went and met the teachers and they all seemed like incredibly talented teachers.

Treg is looking forward to eating lunch at school. He has Miss Trimble and she really seemed cool. Somehow she reminded me of myself maybe it was because we are both so young ;). I still can't believe he is in 1st grade and leaving me home alone!!!
Matia is excited to have Daisy in her class and to see Skyler again (her really good boy-friend). She has Mrs. Barton 3rd grade, who was Bowdee's teacher and she has said she is really going to try and be her favorite. So Mrs. Barton is in for a real treat.
Bowdee is in 5th grade and has Mrs. Knowles. He is excited to have Iz, Jonah and Adi in all his classes. Oh I feel for those teachers. Well I would if they weren't all such GOOD kids. Really Bowdee is a perfect student I have no worries for him.
I am slightly worried for myself and how I will get along. But I am sure I will keep myself busy with projects I have been wanting to do now for 10 years. Man life sure flies by. This year I am really trying to enjoy life and not just endure it. I mean I love my life and all but sometimes I get too caught up in getting things done. So now if I want to read a book outside in the shade on the green grass I am really going to try to cave in to those cravings! Wish me luck, I am beginning a new chapter in my book of life. I am sure it will be a good one! So here I am enjoying the ride in my jeep up the canyon with my amazing family! When I should have all my kids home in bed ready for early morning art... Oh well life goes on and I am doing what I set out to do.