Monday, June 13, 2011

June 5-11 *Summertime*

The first week of summer is always a trick for me. It takes me about one week to adjust to the new schedules. I plan a whole new chore chart for the kids during the summer and this usually takes some time. Then I like to go through all the kids rooms and closets to remove fall clothes that don't fit and school items we won't be needing anymore. I also use this time to plan our summertime fun. So this is how the first week of our summer went.Monday 6, we spent all morning long figuring chores and doing them. The kids always think it is torcher that I make them do homework everyday. But Bowdee this year said he was so glad I make them do it so that he is still smart when he goes back to school. That felt nice that someday they just might appreciate the torcher I am putting them through now. Then at 1:30 they had their first swim practice of the year. Then after swimming, it was time for Bowdee to start packing for his spacecamp adventure. In P.G. they have a spacecamp in a school where kids can go and do a mock space adventure in these cool ships. Then they get to sleepover with their friends. He was so excited and he loved every minute of it. Although it was really weird for us to have him gone all night. He went on this wonderful adventure with Izak, Jonah, Annie and Adi all which are his best friends for a very long time.

Tuesday 7, What a wonderful day. Today is my brother-in-law Mikes birthday. I just have to give Mike a shout out. Mike has always been such a wonderful brother to me. He has loved me like I was his own sister since I was like 10. He has always been to the major events in my life and honestly I don't think one birthday has gone by that he has not called, wrote or somehow expressed how much he loves me. Mike you are an amazing person. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my sister in this life. She could not have married a better man. I love ya!

When Bowdee came home it was obvious he did not sleep well. But he was so excited it didn't really matter. I love seeing how happy he was to be with his friends. Bowdee I hope you continue to always choose good friends. Then Matia had a baseball game which she did pretty well she got on base both hits which was GREAT because the other team was really good. Then we shuffled Tia off to her dance and headed to Bowdee's Baseball game as fast as possible. Right as we were pulling up Bowdee's assistant coach called us and said we just missed Bowdee's home run. There were 2 boys on base and he hit the fence and ran them all home. And of course we barely missed it. His team still hasn't had a win, but they sure try hard.

Wednesday 8, This is the day we take off of swim team and we go play as a family. I woke up early and ran 4 miles with my sister to get my workout out of the way. Then we hussled with our chores then we hit the Shelley library for new books, down to Fat Cats for free bowling, over to Nickle City for some fun, to Arbys for some lunch, to Poco Loco for some swimming supplies then skipped the movie because it didn't start soon enough and back to AF. Drop Bowdee off at his friends to take him to another Baseball game, then to the church for Activity Days, as soon as that was over back to Bowdee's baseball game then home for dinner. I know it sounds like alot but we all loved it and we slept really good that night.

Thursday 9, I woke up and realized something was very wrong. My throat was on fire, I took a drink of water to put it out and that just made it worse. So I went to look at it and found it was BRIGHT RED with some white patches down it. It wasn't just that though I hurt all over like I got hit with the worse flu ever. I was in denial and fought it for most of the morning. Then I finally gave in and went to the Dr. Yep it was Strep alright. He gave me the option of a shot or pills. I took the shot of what seemed like peanut butter, shot all the way down to the bone the needle was so long which hurt but I felt so sick it didn't even matter. Got some popsicles and headed back to my bed. That was all I remember of that day. Matia did knock out Tregs other front tooth last night playing football, then he did have a baseball game tonight that Terry took him to.

Friday 10, Matia had her dance dress rehersal so since I still didn't feel the best rolled out of bed and got her ready then my friend Stacy took her for me so I wouldn't have to go sit through that. Then my friend Amy took the kids to swim team for me so I could rest some more and by 5:00 I was feeling pretty good. So we went on a double date with the Callaways. And we let the kids all play while we were gone. When we came back we headed outside and enjoyed a little campfire. I am s thankful for all these wonderful friends in my life.

Saturday 11, Treg had baseball practice in the morning and then at 2:00 was Matia's Dance Recital. She has worked for about 6 months on this dance and she did such a great job. Terry and I just love watching her dance! My mom and dad also came to watch which is fun to have them there. They danced to "Friends by Toy Story" and a song from Tangled. She did fabulous and loved the trophy she got at the end of it. We also got her flowers and took her to Olive Garden to eat. I guess we are trying to bribe her to keep dancing. Which is fine we will do what we need to do to keep her loving it. Because right now she does it because Terry makes her. Then spending abot 4 more hours dewinterizing the boat and burning up the impeller we threw in the towel and went to our friends Claytons house for BBQ and visiting with friends. We stayed until about 10:30 but we loved every minute of it.