Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 14-20 Mesquite Football Tournament

This week was a fun week on Monday for family night we mounted and hung the kids sports posters. We all thought they turned out pretty great. Then we also started working on our Christmas card together. Which if we are being honest isn't the funnest FHE night but it was all good.

Tuesday was Tregs last basketball game which he did great. They played a really hard team but Treg hung in there and played his best. They only had one sub so he was playing pretty much the whole game. Then Terry and Bowdee had scouts which I always thought went for 1 hour but I guess most of the kids don't leave until 9:00 so I can tell that is going to be hard for me to get used to.

Wednesday Bowdee had his last football practice of the season. Pretty hard to believe it is almost over for another year. He loves playing football and says he has found his game! Then I was invited to play Bunco with a great group of ladies. I was so excited to play because I have alot of fun playing that game and socializing. I won the most rounds so I got the main gift which I still really feel guilty about since I am not a regular!

Thursday right after preschool I was a tornado in action going this way and that trying to get everything as packed as possible before Terry got home. Because then we were jumping in the truck and driving to Mesquite which is a 4&1/2 hour drive. The kids are excited to take a road trip and they did great on the ride. I think we could have kept going all the way to the coast and they wouldn't have minded.

Friday so we stayed at the Falcon Ridge Hotel which was great they had a nice swimming pool for the kids to play in and a HUGE breakfast buffet. Weigh-ins were at 10:30 so we just relaxed and killed some time before we went over to the sports complex. That place is amazing, with a fun atmosphere, red rocks, artificial turf fields, beautiful sunsets, fun music playing. Just really fun!

Their first game was at 3:00 against a Stansberry team named Alpha. We played hard and they played hard but they ended up winning 12-6. It was such a close game we just had a few bad plays and we could have had it. Bowdee had one of his best games ever getting in on some QB sacks and hitting like a mad man. Later that night Terry went back to watch a friends son's game and I took Treg swimming and Tia played with her friend Emery.

Saturday we had our second game at 1:00 so we just took it easy and read books watched some football and played us some bunco. Well I taught the kids how to play since Terry's not into games. The second game went really well we won 7-0 against some VERY big Dixie boys. I am not sure these boys were really 6th graders (#99 was at least 230lbs) but we won so I guess it doesn't matter.

We went back for dinner and the last of the Utes game. Then back to the complex to watch the other AF game and Lehi's game. It was fun just hanging around meeting all sorts of nice people. There was a really cool couple from Stansberry that I will never forget. Terry and I didn't feel good at all so we dropped Bowdee off at his team party and went back to bed.
The next day Bowdee's coach was telling us how Bowdee would jump into the pool with his swim trunks on then come out of the pool with just his speedo on and say "ta-dunt-ta-dun". Everyone CRACKED up laughing and coach says Bowdee you just like to do that for the shock factor huh... And Bowdee says "No the chicks dig it"! Way to go Bowdee that's the spirit we love!

Sunday it was clean up pack eat and drive, drive, drive! We got home around 2:00 and Terry and Bowdee jumped outside to try and put up the Basketball standard so it would be up for Turkey Day. But it was missing a piece so we basically hit a brick wall. Then at 6:30 we were invited to a Cabela's dinner/sale. Where you go and they feed you food and drinks and give you employee discounts on everything. So Terry and I made a date night of it and did some shopping. Have I told you lately "I LOVE CABELAS"?