Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nov 19-25 Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 19th - My truck has been telling me for a week now that it is time to change the oil... So Terry and I decided today was the day that we would do that. So I made dinner and bought an oil filter and fuel filter and made sure we had the oil so when he got home we would head down to the farm and we would have everything to complete our mission. Ya know once you have certain comforts in life like a nice garage to change oil in its hard to go back to not having those comforts. But we made a date night out of it and enjoyed each others company in the cold dirty stall barn which is super great for horses but not so great to do mechanic work in. Man I love my boy!

Nov 20th - So my truck has been kicking out of gear when it goes from 1st to 2nd... Not a good sign so we took it into Gears Transmission today before we went to work and sure enough it is going to cost us $2000.00 to fix it. OUCH that just really hurts when we are trying to rebuild a house, start a horse ranch, and buy Christmas gifts all at the same time. Makes me so very sad :( but we gotta have our truck and Terry just doesn't have the time or the shop to do it in right now so suck it up and pay the bill!

Nov 21st - I love it when the kids are out of school! Today we just had a good time being together. Terry played in a football competition at work so the kids and I went up to watch him play. He was a tough blocker and great team player who showed an amazing amount of great sportsmanship. They won their first game and then won the championship in the second game. I loved the kids being able to watch their dad play but I sure hope that was his last game. I was just so worried the whole game that he was going to get hurt.
After the game I took the kids shopping and to lunch for a bit then we dropped off Bowdee at Terry's work so they could go hunting. They went up Mill D and hiked up to where they wanted to watch for deer. Bowdee built a little campfire to keep them warm and then when Terry got up to start hiking down to the car he felt the pain. It was in his ankle he had hurt it in the game and it just really hit him at the top of the mountain. He had Bowdee carry his bow down the mountain and they just took it super slow and easy and made it down. When he got home we put ice on it elevated his ankle and gave him anti-inflammatories.
Nov 22nd - Happy Thanksgiving what a great day to be thankful. This year I am thankful for my sweet husband having the drive within him to make this dream of ours possible. He is such a hard worker, he's so talented, a man with such a sensitive giant that lives inside of him. I am also thankful for my sweet parents who have also made this dream possible. I am so excited for when we will be able to live in our little white farm house and simplify this crazy life a little.
So this Thanksgiving is different then any other we have had. We spent the day working down at the farm framing and sheet rock Bowdee's room. We got quite a bit done but there is just still so much to do. Then at 5:00 we came home and made our own quick Thanksgiving dinner. You see my mom and dad went down to Cedar City to enjoy dinner with Kathy's family so that left us alone for the holiday. It was a nice quiet simple dinner. Nut we sure missed being with our family on Thanksgiving.
Nov 23rd - Black Friday Shopping so the kids have noticed so many ads about black friday shopping they kept asking me what it was and what it was like. So I told them I would take them out for a bit in the morning. We first hit Big 5 and it was quite, then Hobby Lobby and it was great, then Lowe's and it was fine, then we went to Smith's because I wanted to show them the hot chocolate and donuts it was busier there so the kids got a little taste of the craziness then we hit Kohl's and I showed them how the line winds around the whole store. It was fun to watch them at their first black friday experience. LOVE MY KIDS
We headed to the farm to help Terry a little more and we ran out of sheet rock. So we dropped the kids off at home and went to Home Dept you should have seen Terry he was white as a ghost scared to death of shopping on Black Friday. We ended up buying all the cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom then the sheet rock that we needed all for the bargain price of $2,800. So you add that with the 2,000 for the truck and it turned out to be a pretty expensive weekend.
Nov 24th - I bet you can't guess where we spent the day... Yep working on the farm, but today my friend Tonja came down with her 5 kids. They rode Miss Holly Kay, played with the kittens, rode the four wheelers, cleaned stalls, and just played their hearts out all day long. Tonja helped me finish screwing in the sheet rock which was a great big help. Then finally at about 4:30 we headed home to clean up and go to Post-Thanksgiving Dinner at my mom and dads.
What a wonderful time we had. My mom got out the china and had all her grandma and mothers special crystal out for us to use. Then we all sat down for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing that would have made it better would be if our whole family could have been there. But we laughed talked and chatted about the wonderful things that is going on in our lives right now. Bowdee is thankful for family, friends and wheels. Matia is thankful for horses, family and pie. Treg is thankful for family, friends, and dogs. Terry is thankful for a healthy family, friends, and great family. And I am thankful for my talented husband, my kids, and dreams.
Nov 25th - Today was a mom's tired day... I could have just slept in until 10 for some reason but I rolled out of bed and headed to the farm with my ever hard working husband. We went down to build somewhere to store alfalfa cubes that we are planning to get this week. They will stay good forever as long as they stay dry and since it is going to be about 1,000 we figured we better make sure they will be safe. We decided to use the wash stall since we won't be using that much in the near future.
Then we grabbed the poles, chairs and fishing bait. Came home rounded up the kids and off we went to Strawberry for a little relaxation. It proved to be just that the fishing was so slow that we only got one bite and no fish which means a lot of relaxing time. The views were gorgeous and I ended up taking a nap in the car because it was so cold outside. We came home and fell asleep to Harry Potter. It was a day that we needed a day to just doing about nothing.