Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 10-16th Now What?

Sept 10th Monday - So I got a text from my friend Drew and he said we are now funded and the house in ours. He went and took the lock box off the house and left us the key. So I know what needs to be done. I need to move into the basement and rent out this house. But I stand in my house and just turn in circles not knowing where to start. Today we also took out a loan on the boat so we have the money for repairs on the farm yet get to keep the boat for now! That sounds much better to me.
Sept 11th Tuesday - After preschool I went to lunch with a neighbor/friend Deena Vanausdal. She just put her house up for sale and is looking to build in Highland. We went to eat at Zuppas then to the farm to show her what I have gotten into and then to see the lot they are under contract on. She is hoping they sell fast enough that if they can't rent from the new owners she can rent my house. Then I showed the car and they LOVED it and are going to buy it. I guess everything does work itself out huh.
Sept 12th Wednesday - Today I spent the day packing more boxes! What a surprise I know. Then I went shopping with mom to buy more boxes (for those scrapbooks). After school I took the kids to visit the goats and to tie them up in the field to eat the weeds. I hope they don't get loose! When Terry got home we tore back into the civic trying to change the timing belt... But that didn't really happen but we did break the harmonic balancer trying to get it off. $130 dollars later and we still don't have our car running. But I have faith in Terry... I know he can do this.
Sept 13th Thursday - After preschool I decided it was time to start moving boxes again. So I started packing more STUFF! Yes it is just stuff and I should have more guts to get rid of it all but I will keep most of it until we move and decide what we need and what we can really do without. I have this problem with letting things go. I know this is good for me. I can't imagine what life would be like if I kept everything. So little by little I will get there and this shed will be full. Because the more stuff you have the more cluttered you get and the more depressed!
Sept. 14th Friday - So my friend Amy called me and told me I needed to step up to the plate and get busy. So we went to the farm and started the demolition process. Tearing carpet out, tack stripping, and baseboards so we can start bleaching the crap out of this place. I am really getting excited to see this place turn around. Here we go a little at a time it will be what we love and live for in the end! I did this without Terry knowing so I could surprise him.
Terry got home and we tried to get the nut off again and we still couldn't get it off so Terry declared we needed to call in the "Big Guns" I asked who the big guns might be and he simply matter of factly declared "Your Dad" in an of course tone of voice. Dad came when he got off work and after about 1/2 hour of torching and trying and icing and trying we finally broke it loose and won! What would we ever do without our Big Guns!
Sept. 15th Saturday - Football game 3 soccer games and football practice. Then off to a Townsend family party in the park. Sounds a little like last week. We have a ton of stuff we need to do but you know what, family is the most important. We never know when will be our last day so we need to make sure and enjoy the times we have with them. So we went to the park with mom and dad Townsend and all the family to play some games. What a fun time we had there.
Then the big Utes vs. BYU game at 8:00. The game of the year! I always love watching a good football game with the family. Mostly Bowdee, but Terry really got into it this year. So the game started at 8:00 we made the first touchdown then it was a pretty intense game all the way right to the end where we won my a missed field goal that bounced off the pole for the wild win for the Utes of 24 to 21. Wow that was a crazy game ending right at 12:00am!