Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Day on the Boat!

I was invited with a bunch of really fun girls to go boating at Deer Creek. I have to tell you I was slightly nervous since these are not girls I chill with all the time. But how could I pass up an offer like this to go out and have a good time with some great people. So I went and man am I glad I did, other then I have a feeling it is going to be a very expensive trip in the long run. You see just the other day I was telling Terry how much I loved our boat and how it would last us another 10 years easy. Then Deena takes me out on their new Air Nautique and WOW I was amazed! The wake was great (once I got used to it).

The boat was beautiful and oh sooo comfortable! So I have a feeling I will not be happy with my boat for long, I feel an upgrade coming on in the future. Anyway enough about the boat. The girls (I refuse to call us old ladies) were so much fun. Each one of them are so genuine and fun to be with. Silly me, I had nothing to be nervous of. I am sure once again it is just my own insecurities I was nervous about. But we wakeboarded, surfed, swam, and tubed all over the lake. Curtis was amazing to put up with all of us like he did, he said he was there to "protect his investment" I think he was there for the humor. So thanks to all you amazing girls for a wonderful day on the boat it was a BLAST!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boating w/ Garricks

Today we spent a really fun day out on our boat with the Garricks! We left around 11:30 and got back at 8:40pm what a great day on the lake. The weather held out for the most part! All of our kids get along so well. Even though Fisher is 3 years younger then Treg they have this cute little bond! I just can't tell you how lucky I am to have good friends! Love you guys!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Date Night

So Saturday my dad called up and asked if he could take the kids for the day. So we handed them over knowing they would love to go swimming with Grandpa and a sleepover? What kid wouldn't love to go sleep at Grandpa's? Well they couldn't pack fast enough! So Terry and I were left alone... What do ya do? Well I guess you do things you can't do as easily as you can with the kids around. So we planned to go hiking the Silver Lake Trail by the time we had our back packs ready a big old thunder storm rolled in.

So we bagged that idea and just went fly fishing up A.F. Canyon the best part was Terry just fixed the jeep (once again) so getting there was more than half the fun. We found a quiet little cove and flung a few flies around. Low and behold we got a few bites. It reminded me of why I love this challenge so much. To actually catch one is so rewarding. Then we went and got a shake and we couldn't finish the whole thing so we went and let the kids finish it. Ya we couldn't stay away a whole night. What a great night, thanks dad for the date night.