Friday, May 20, 2011

May 8-14th

Sunday - Mothers day was wonderful! We got to go visit both of the wonderful mothers in our lives and spend some good one on one time with them. I am so appreciative to have them around us to learn from and love. They both have such amazing strengths and they are so full of love. Thank you moms for being part of our lives.

Then I have to thank Terry for being the person he is. He is such an amazing father the way he is teaching his children to respect and love me by the example he is setting for them. He made me my favorite dinner, cleaned the house, then they took me horse back riding, and gave me a pedicure and an hour long massage.

It just doesn't get better then that. And to have the kids right there participating and learning is the best part of it all. Thank you Terry for being so great to me and the kids.

Thursday - Graduation day. This is the day I love and hate all in the same breath. I love seeing how the students have progressed through the year and watching them so excited to give their moms their flowers and sign yearbooks. But I hate it all the same because most of these kids will be going to kindergarten and I will truly miss seeing them each week. So it was a fabulous yet busy and exhausting day.

Friday - Matia's Science Project. So Matia has been so disappointed that I have not been able to help with fieldtrips this year. So when her science teacher asked if I could help there was just no way to pass that opportunity. Thanks Tia for letting me be a big part in your life.

Saturday - We had another day full of soccer games and baseball practices. I do have to say I sure love watching the kids participate in team sports. I feel like they are learning so much by playing on these teams. And it keeps us busy which is a happy feeling for our family.