Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day 2011

So yes the Leprechauns came to our house again. But this year the kids made sure the doors were shut to all the other rooms and nothing much was left out for them to mess up. Although they did sneak some of Tregs cake and left frosting footprints across the counter.

Treg had fun following the string to his hidden treasure under the armouir. They left him a green zuh zuh pet, green gum, green drink, green mike n ikes.

Matia had fun inspecting the house with miniature furniture she set up for them under a rainbow. They even left her a mini note saying they loved her.

Bowdee had fun checking out the trap he set for them. Although he didn't catch them once again they did mess up the trap without setting off the main component. However, they did that he will never understand.

Dinner was of course green once again. Green Jello, Green Salad, Green Chips, Green Rolls, Green Eggs and Green chilli verde. It was fabulous but once again I feel so lucky to have the family I have. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Treg's 7 years old

It's crazy to think my baby is now 7 years old. The time has flown by so fast and has been so fun. I love watching Treg because I feel like I am watching Terry grow up. They are so much alike yet they can be so different. When I am upset Treg does whatever he can to make me happy.

But Terry on the other hand usually thinks it is fun to push my buttons and watch me explode. Terry still wakes Treg up every night at midnight so he can take him potty. Terry doesn't want Treg to go through what he did. So he wakes him up and takes him every night. Treg sucked his thumb, just like his dad. He is great at numbers, just like his dad.

He looks just like him! And even shares this cute funny faces when they get confused or deep in thought. I just love my boys! Treg was the bonus in our family that makes it complete. He didn't demand breakfast in bed he just wanted to have his birthday 4 days early, with rice crispy breakfast but if I couldn't do it then pancakes were fine.

He got the rice krispy breakfast but not the 4 day early birthday. He didn't want expensive gifts, he just wanted to play laser tag with his 4 best friends. So we went to Jack and Jills and let them take care of the balloons, cake, gift bags, and mess. It was fabulous this was my first bday party away from home and we LOVED it!

And best of all he wants Top Ramen and fortune cookies for his Birthday dinner. Ya, he is pretty simple just like Terry can be. But just when you think you have them figured out. He declares the next day it is not fair Tia got breakfast in bed and he didn't. Even though on his birthday he didn't want that.... So I guess boys will be boys and who are we kidding are they ever simple? Treg I love you to pieces and I feel so lucky to be your mom! I hope you enjoyed your birthday party and your life so far in this family.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowboarding One Last Time

So we just couldn't throw in the towel and be done with snowboarding for the season so we hit the slopes one last time. As we were going up the lift the second time Treg says "Dad this is so much fun, at first I didn't want to come but thank you for bringing me. I LOVE THIS, can we do this for my birthday!"

It was a perfect day! The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and we all had fun. We even got brave and hit the miniture board park with the rails and stuff. Which then took us to Snake Creek for a beautiful look out. It was a shorter day because we forgot about day light savings until we were headed up there but it was still a wonderful day! I just can't tell you how it takes my breath away when I am boarding down the slope following my 3 darling kids and cute little husband bouncing down the hill.
It's life's simple miracles I enjoy the most!