Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28th REALLY?

Wow where oh where does the time go? I just really don't know. I am so confused one minute it is just April and the next it is the beginning of May and I have preschool graduation in 2 weeks. Then the kids are out of school just 3 weeks after that! I am so looking forward to summer. I love having the kids all to myself. I can have them do homework when we want or skip it a day if we are having too much fun. Anyway let me focus on the past and what we have done this month before I change the subject and focus on what we are going to be doing this summer.

So Spring break was from April 11-15 and I just loved that week of my life. We did so many fun things together I think that is why I am so excited for summer. The first day we went horseback riding w/ grandpa C. Matia was in heaven and just couldn't stop. Of course that is fun for me to watch because it reminds me of when I was little and had that same thrill. Who am I trying to kid I still get that giddy about horses. Bowdee went sledding with Adi which they always have a good time together. When Terry got home we worked on putting up more sheet rock.

Tuesday we took a trip up to the Childrens Museum at Gateway. We have not been up there in a few years so that and the free tickets got us up there. The Garricks were going as well so we hitched a ride with them and we had a fabulous day together. Of course on the way home the kids planned a late night after soccer practices. Terry and I spent the night basement... ya you got it we did more sheet rocking.

Wednesday I went walking with my friends, the kids worked on their reports and posters. Then we went to Yogi Bear at Movies 8 and Build-a-bear to use up our free coupons. Matia got to choose this years bear and it ended up being a sheep. Then Bowdee got to go to a Real Game with his soccer team. Terry and I ended up back in the basement worried that Bowdee was going to freeze his guts out!

Thursday Terry got off work a little early and we had free rooms at Wendover so we took the nice drive through the salt flats for a little family time. We spent 2 nights there this time. We went four wheeling and exploring. Then the last day before we left for more four wheeling we stopped at the park and Treg hit his head really hard on the T-swing. He got the biggest goose egg I ever saw.

The kids thought it was super cool to go visit Uncle Teds brother that owns a parts store there in Wendover. Well okay they absolutely LOVED his big parrot Big Red. And Bowdee LOVED the corvettes he had outside getting ready to wash. Ya they were pretty cool. I do have to admit, he also gave us some good tips on where to go ride our 4-wheelers and shoot our guns! Thanks Mike.

I think it was more like an ostrich egg. I hate head injuries they scare me like crazy but of course his dad is all cool and reminded me he will be ok. But it did ruin what 4 wheeling we had in mind since there was no way his helmet was going to fit over that thing. So Saturday we headed home picked up Dash from mom and dad C. and you got it we finished sheet rocking the basement! :)

The week that followed we played lots of soccer, practiced oral reports, finished reports, Bowdee had his first baseball game which he played catcher the entire game and loved it. He also got the first home run of the season. He was so excited and I was upset because I missed recording him. But it was fun to watch how excited he got about that. He has some great coaches this year and Jonah one of his best friends is on his team. So I think he is going to like it better this time.

Saturday of Easter weekend we had 3 soccer games, a birthday party and a yard to clean. We also made a fence to keep the chickens in half of our garden. I just got so tired of them pooping on my sidewalk. What a project that was, oh then we finally got to color those Easter eggs.

Easter finally came the kids have been so excited they could hardly wait another day. It's always so fun to see what the Bunny is going to bring them and where he will hide their eggs. It was a beautiful day so outside it was. After the hunt we got to chill for a little before church then away we went. Terry stayed home to finish working in the yard some more. After church I took a record of 3 hour nap...
I don't remember the last time I did that but WOWSER that felt Great! I think I will do it again sometime soon! After all the lesson was on simplifying our lives so I felt like I was following the Lords commands when I did it. Then Terry fed us an amazing dutch oven dinner, man he rocks.

Monday was Matia's Time Machine Oral Report. She choose to do it on Florence Nightingale. I learned so much about Florence but I also learned that Matia is a great student who always tries her best in her schooling. I am so proud of all she does. She wanted to look just like Florence so I did her hair like the pictures and I made her a dress just like she thought it should be. I know, I know.... am I spoiling her? or am I encouraging her to always do her best? I don't know but I hope I am doing it right. She did fantastic just like I knew she would!

Tuesday she got to go on a field trip up to the Clark planetarium at Gateway. I wanted to go so bad but I was teaching preschool that day so :( But she did take some photos for me and it looked like it was a lot of fun. Matia said her favorite part was the bus ride...

Wednesday was Bowdee's Oral report on the state of Oregon. He did a power point in class and then the poster board and a 15 page report. It was amazing. I can't believe they are doing this in 5th grade this was much like my high school state report. Once again I was amazed at how much of it he did all by himself. The way he held himself during his oral report with just a few notes to go off of was great. Then right after school he had his 2nd baseball game. Played catcher again and he hit a great hit out in left field and made it to 2nd base.