Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug 22-28 School Bells a ringing!

Monday was my birthday, I had a lunch with my mom and dad and Terry at Marleys Sliders it was yummy but I just loved being w/ my favorite people and visiting. Then my dad invited me to go horseback riding... Well I thought it was me he was inviting but I guess it was my kids. Even though it wasn't my yearly birthday horseback ride it was fun to watch my kids love the things I love.

I remember when we moved into this house thinking how can I really send Bowdee to school? He is such a sweet boy will kindergarten ruin him and change him? Then I thought... man when Bowdee is in 6th grade, and Matia my sweet toddler will be in 4th and then my sweet unborn child will be in 2nd... Now that will be one crazy day! But of course that was years and years away. Well those years and years have gone by in a flash and here we are ready to begin Bowdee's final year of Elementary.

Bowdee got Mrs. McGee for 6th grade. I am really excited about her, you see she was a first grade teacher last year and I noticed how fun she seemed to make everything for the kids. She really seemed to have it all together. But he is sad his friends are not in his class.

Matia has Mrs. Durrant for 4th grade. I have heard FANTASTIC things about her and her teaching. So I am very excited. Yet she is sad that her friends are not in her class as well. She was really hoping for a teacher named Miss Udy but oh well I think this will be good for her.

Treg has Mrs. LeBaron who seems super nice he is also sad he has none of his friends in his class. But I keep reminding them this is a great opportunity to meet new friends. So far at the end of the week all of the kids are happy as can be.

Saturday was our first football and soccer games. The kids all played there best and won all their games. I just love being out and about and watching my children participate on a team. I feel like they are getting so much from it.