Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 12-18 Matia Dance Treg Gingerbread

Monday night I always look forward to Monday nights. I love that there are no games to go to, no practices of any kind and we get to just chill as a family. So tonight we watched the Christmas Story. I don't think it is the kids favorite but its a classic so we just have to do it every year. And I can tell the older they get the more they like it. We also had popcorn and ice cream to top it off.

Tuesday Bowdee had piano practice with Grandma. He is getting really excited because we are going to a family party where the kids will all be doing their first recital. So he is really loving the piano right now. Then after he went with his friend Annie to go deliver a secret Santa gift to his teacher. She went in for surgery for a preventative against cancer but found out she already has it. So they are really struggling this Christmas. I am so thankful for opportunities that help our kids be generous and thoughtful this time of year.

Wednesday this was our day to go drop off Sub for Santa so we went down to Orem dropped it off then went to Toys R Us to just get some ideas. We are having a hard time figuring out what we can get Matia and Treg this year. They want the same things that they have a hundred of already so we are looking for something unique that they might like. Then of course we just had to stop at Crispy Cremes since we were so close for some yummy fresh donuts.

Thursday Matia had her last dance practice before her dance recital on Saturday. So Terry and the boys dropped her off while I recovered from this morning. You see I came back from working out with Kami and went downstairs to collect all the trash for trash day. When splish splash I was walking through a swamp. I looked in Bowdee's room and it was flooded and out into the hall and my preschool room. Water was filling up his window well and leaking through. I ran outside and the water hose was on and going right into his window.
So Bowdee and Tia worked as a team to bail water out of the window well and I started sucking out water from the basement. Treg was helping me get stuff off the floor and anything else I asked him to do. It was nice to see each of my kids be so willing to help in a time like that. It took me 2 hours of sucking water to get it out.
I stopped because I had my preschool Christmas party that started at 9:30... AUGH!!!! What a mess! All 3 of my preschool parties were perfect the kids all had so much fun and I got some pretty amazing gifts. But right after the party I was right back at cleaning up the swamp in the basement.
What a day, can I just say I am exhausted!

Friday today Treg had his 2nd grade Gingerbread Christmas performance at school. So I went to watch him and that is always so much fun. He did such a great job at his talking parts and he sang so great. It was sad though because he is one of the smallest in his class and he was in the back row so I had a really hard time seeing him. I was that crazy mom moving around trying to see her son. Then Matia came home from school and just wasn't feeling well so she was taking it easy and at 10:00 she woke us up because she was vomiting... Oh boy it was quite the night I don't think she or I slept one blink the rest of the night. It was pretty sad.

Saturday morning Matia still wasn't feeling good. It was so sad to see her so sick she couldn't even hold down a popsicle. So I gave her a little phenergan and by lunch time she was feeling just good enough to go and do her dance. So we tried it and she did great one of those highlight moments that I love (watching my daughter dance on stage).
After we took her to Olive Garden because they had free kids meals and we wanted to show her how much we appreciate her dancing even though it is not her favorite thing to do.

Sunday morning we were suppose to be going to A.J. (my nephews) homecoming and the Covington Christmas party but there was just no way we were going to make it. Treg and Bowdee were starting to feel sick and Matia still wasn't up to par. So we just chilled the rest of the day trying to bounce back from this week full of fun! We were all disappointed to miss my cute nephews homecoming and our family Christmas party... Maybe next year we will make it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 5-11 Scout Campout = Girls Party Time

Monday for family home evening we made Christmas Candy. We thought this would be a good idea however, it left way to much "to die for fudge" and "delicious divinity" in our fridge. And when you are waking up at 5:30 am to go work out this is not really the type of food you want laying around. But we sure had fun as a family making it. We just wish we had more hours in a day so we could have watched a fun Christmas movie with it.

So the rest of the week was spent preparing for this weekend it started on Thurs as Terry went to play poker with the boys and I took Tia to dance. Then Friday he got off at 3:30 and went on a scout campout in the cold december night down toward Delta. They had a good time trilobyte hunting and chillin at the hot pots down there.

But I just don't think anyone realizes how hard it is for Terry and I to be away from each other for that long. We just miss each other and long to be together again. Treg and Tia had a hard time knowing Terry and Bowdee were going trilobyte hunting without them. But didn't really feel like sleeping in a cold tent either so they were fine staying with me.

When he left I went to dinner with my friends to celebrate Christmas. So it was nice to see everyone and pass out gifts. I have to say I have some of the best friends in the world. Friends who are so stinking creative and they can make me laugh out loud wether I am with them or not. Just thinking about them makes me laugh. I love ya girls!

Saturday was filled with shopping with my mom and sister. We had a good time and it always seems to be easier for Terry to be away when I am spending lots of money. So it was fun and we always have a good time. Terry and Bowdee finally made it home around 9:15 just in time for bed. It was so nice to have him and Bowdee back!

Sunday Kyle invited the kids over to watch the Eagles game and play with the girls which was perfect because I had some friends ask me to take their photos. Which I didn't mind because these 3 friends I KNOW will not go get their family photos done unless I do it... It just doesn't happen, and it was fun to be with them.

They all have darling kids and I love every one of these cute faces. I know I am no professional but if it will get their family photos taken then that is all that really matters! Besides it is one more hour I got to spend with them. Now a days it is so hard to get together so if we have to bring the whole family along so be it.

Yes it was fun but so glad it is done! Love you girls otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Hugs and kisses...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 1-4 Christmas Work Party

Friday Terry and I got to go out on a real date! I know I was so excited I just couldn't wait. I do have to say I have not done classy in a very long time. And I have never met most of the people Terry works with so I was slightly intimidated. But I was so excited to go on an official date with Terry I really didn't care.

We went to the Grand America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake. It was great they served the most delicious dinner I have had in a very long time. It was so fancy Terry just had to take a photo of it with his phone. With a salad wrapped in cucumber, steak, salmon, and layered potatoes to die for ending the meal with a amazing pumpkin cheesecake.

Then they had a comedian come on stage that was hilarious! Of course I haven't seen a comedian for a long time so to me it was very entertaining! I truly felt like I was back into the dating world where Terry was trying to impress me... It worked... It was so fun to reconnect with him and we couldn't have done it if our kids were such good kids to watch each other and have fun at home without us. Thanks for the date Terry!

Saturday the kids had such great report cards that I promised them a trip to Mr. E's Sport Card shop and Build a Bear so we went and did a little shopping while we were at it. Then we stopped by Firehouse Sub for Terry to share his new found favorite sub with us. They were amazing by the way if you haven't been you definitely should try it.

We came home and did some chores then at 4:30 we offered to do babysitting for the Military Christmas Party. My kids decided to do the babysitting and I would give them all the money to buy their Christmas gifts. Well only 2 kids showed up Jack and Camdyn. It's probably a good thing because they were a hand full. But it taught my kids a lot about babysitting. This little Jack loved going into Maggies kennel and shutting the door. My kids were fine with it to as long as he was happy and not breaking anything.

Sunday we went to Cabela's to do a little Christmas shopping. Even though Christmas is still 22 days away my kids are so anxious to get all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped. I guess I have to say I am thankful they are not procrastinators. So we went and bought some daddy/brother gifts then we headed back up to Strawberry hoping for the same luck we had last week.

So the fishing was not as hot as last week the fish are biting less aggressively. I had 8 good bites and 2 caught fish. Bowdee caught 2, Treg 1 and Terry 3 but they were all cuts and just under the slot at 20 & 21" fish. So they were fun to catch but so hard for us to let them go.

It was also colder, we knew a storm was coming in and we got about 3" of fresh snow while we were there. So the kids spent alot of time in the truck staying warm but did come out and fish for a while.

Bowdee was our most dedicated fisher child of the night. It was fun just to be out in the peace and quite still of the night fishing with snow blowing in our faces.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 21-27 Thanksgiving Weekend

Tuesday I had my preschool Thanksgiving Feast's. I have all the kids bring something to share for our dinner and then we say what we are thankful for and eat a big feast, play games, read books and just enjoy each others company. I am always so amazed at these kids and how much love they have for life.

Wednesday the kids were out of school "YIPEE" so I got up early did a few errands then came back to get the kids and take them to Trafalga to hang out with their friends. We ate lunch a Chick-f-let which I think everyother family in the valley had the same idea.. took the kids to piano then I headed off with the girls to go watch "Breaking Dawn". It is always so much better to watch with people that want to watch it and not a husband I am forcing to watch. Then the kids had a late night with friends while Terry and I put up the basketball standard. What a job that was!

Thursday woke up early again cleaned like crazy with the help of my sweet husband it wasn't bad at all. Then before we knew it the house was busting at the seams with family everywhere. This was the first year we held a Townsend Thanksgiving not at mom and dads. I think it was nice for them not to stress about kids into everything. And here it wasn't too bad especially with the beautiful weather so nice for the kids to go outside and play. We ended up with 34 people and I think everyone enjoyed it.

After dinner dad pulled out the old 8mm home videos to show the kids what movies were like back when we were kids and to show them a little of what the Townsends were like when they were small. We had some good memories, laughs and light chit chat, we went through the ads. And before you knew it the house was silent once again. I am so thankful this year for my beautiful 3 children and their wonderful healthy bodies and especially sweet spirits. I just don't know what life would be like without them. They make me so happy and then their dad he is another blessing in my life. Even though at times we have a hard time seeing things the same way, sometimes thats good because it opens my eyes to other opinions.

Man I just love my family! "You are the poem I dreamed of writing, the masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest of life fulfilled. You are my child. Now with all things I am blessed." I noticed this poem on pintrest and I loved it. Just how I feel about my children.

Friday I woke up early... even though there wasn't anything really exciting in the ads for black friday I just didn't want to be left out. So I hit Smiths at 5:30 and got some towels, fingernail polish, and socks for half price. Then went to Walmart and got a Christmas movie for the kids and candy canes thinking we would start setting up Christmas when I got home... Got home at 6:30 and wow Black friday was over for me.

Saturday we put up Christmas lights outside. This year we took out every other white light and put in red ones. I LOVE IT! The kids were such big helps and Terry was amazingly patient. Not that he isn't always but he was extra-sweetly-patient. That took it out of us and we were done so we went to Smiths to grab a few more lights and called it quits for the night.

Sunday we decided the fish were calling to us so we got our crap together and headed up to Deer Creek... Got there and OOPS we forgot no dogs allowed at that reserviour so we kept on going up to Strawberry. Which I am glad we did. The fishing was good better then usual but not the best. Then about 4:00 this little car pulls up and they were knocking them dead...

The guy calls us over and sets us up with his trick! Bowdee caught 3 fish which he never catches fish so other then being cold from playing in the snow with Treg and Dash he was loving it. At about 6:00 we called it quits and had to head back to the real world again. It is just so nice to take a break every once in a while! We caught 16 fish and only one of them was under 17". I caught the biggest one at 21"! Man I love fishing!

We had a few crazy catches. Crazy number one: I lost my complete setup after getting a bite. I tied on another swivel, sinker, leader, hook and casted back out. Five minutes later, I got another bite and reeled in my line. To my amazement, I had hooked the swivel of my old broken setup and reeled in the fish on the old setup. Talk about lucky, those trebble hooks and sinkers and swivels are expensive now a days )

Crazy number two: I caught the setup of someone else. I thought I had hooked someones old boot, but it was a big chunk of sea weed and a dead 20" cut.

Crazy number three: I got a bite and went to reel in and I was all tangled up around my reel, so I had to break my line and pull in my line by hand. My work paid off, I landed a whoppin 4" crayfish.

Crazy number four: One of our cuts had a crooked body by the tail. I thought it might be whirling disease? It wasn't above the cut, so I let it go. I was a little nervous because I didn't have a proclamation and I didn't know the rules if you caught a fish with whirling disease.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 14-20 Mesquite Football Tournament

This week was a fun week on Monday for family night we mounted and hung the kids sports posters. We all thought they turned out pretty great. Then we also started working on our Christmas card together. Which if we are being honest isn't the funnest FHE night but it was all good.

Tuesday was Tregs last basketball game which he did great. They played a really hard team but Treg hung in there and played his best. They only had one sub so he was playing pretty much the whole game. Then Terry and Bowdee had scouts which I always thought went for 1 hour but I guess most of the kids don't leave until 9:00 so I can tell that is going to be hard for me to get used to.

Wednesday Bowdee had his last football practice of the season. Pretty hard to believe it is almost over for another year. He loves playing football and says he has found his game! Then I was invited to play Bunco with a great group of ladies. I was so excited to play because I have alot of fun playing that game and socializing. I won the most rounds so I got the main gift which I still really feel guilty about since I am not a regular!

Thursday right after preschool I was a tornado in action going this way and that trying to get everything as packed as possible before Terry got home. Because then we were jumping in the truck and driving to Mesquite which is a 4&1/2 hour drive. The kids are excited to take a road trip and they did great on the ride. I think we could have kept going all the way to the coast and they wouldn't have minded.

Friday so we stayed at the Falcon Ridge Hotel which was great they had a nice swimming pool for the kids to play in and a HUGE breakfast buffet. Weigh-ins were at 10:30 so we just relaxed and killed some time before we went over to the sports complex. That place is amazing, with a fun atmosphere, red rocks, artificial turf fields, beautiful sunsets, fun music playing. Just really fun!

Their first game was at 3:00 against a Stansberry team named Alpha. We played hard and they played hard but they ended up winning 12-6. It was such a close game we just had a few bad plays and we could have had it. Bowdee had one of his best games ever getting in on some QB sacks and hitting like a mad man. Later that night Terry went back to watch a friends son's game and I took Treg swimming and Tia played with her friend Emery.

Saturday we had our second game at 1:00 so we just took it easy and read books watched some football and played us some bunco. Well I taught the kids how to play since Terry's not into games. The second game went really well we won 7-0 against some VERY big Dixie boys. I am not sure these boys were really 6th graders (#99 was at least 230lbs) but we won so I guess it doesn't matter.

We went back for dinner and the last of the Utes game. Then back to the complex to watch the other AF game and Lehi's game. It was fun just hanging around meeting all sorts of nice people. There was a really cool couple from Stansberry that I will never forget. Terry and I didn't feel good at all so we dropped Bowdee off at his team party and went back to bed.
The next day Bowdee's coach was telling us how Bowdee would jump into the pool with his swim trunks on then come out of the pool with just his speedo on and say "ta-dunt-ta-dun". Everyone CRACKED up laughing and coach says Bowdee you just like to do that for the shock factor huh... And Bowdee says "No the chicks dig it"! Way to go Bowdee that's the spirit we love!

Sunday it was clean up pack eat and drive, drive, drive! We got home around 2:00 and Terry and Bowdee jumped outside to try and put up the Basketball standard so it would be up for Turkey Day. But it was missing a piece so we basically hit a brick wall. Then at 6:30 we were invited to a Cabela's dinner/sale. Where you go and they feed you food and drinks and give you employee discounts on everything. So Terry and I made a date night of it and did some shopping. Have I told you lately "I LOVE CABELAS"?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 7-13 Bowdee's 1st Utes Game

Friday Matia was invited to go to Disney on Ice with her friend Lance. She was so excited to be invited. It was so nice of Lances mom to let her tag along with her 4 kids like she didn't have enough kids to shuffle around. But she sure enjoyed ever minute of it, I just wish I could have been there, it sounds like so much fun.

Bowdee and I spent about 2 hours cleaning and rearranging his room. He has a love hate relationship with his room. He knows that is his whole responsibilities to keep it clean so he hates that but he LOVES it when it is clean and organized. Now he just needs to slow down and clean as he goes!

Wow, Treg really tore it up at his game on Saturday morning. He made 3 baskets and just played amazingly. It was kinda like I was watching a little Stockton. He was quick and fast and accurate. They even had him stacked up against the biggest kid on their team and he just took it to them. So much fun to see his talents developing. Way to go John... I mean Treg.

Thanks to my brother Kyle, Terry was able to take Bowdee to his first Utes game. As you probably know Bowdee has always been a die hard Utes fan since he found out I went to school there. But he has never attended a game. Well Kyle had 2 extra tickets and just knew he would make his nephew the happiest boy ever if he passed them on to us. So after Bowdee's practice scrimmage game they dressed warm and headed to the game.

I took Tia and Treg out to Troys house and watch the game with him. Which I have to admit he is a cool cat to hang out with. We had pizza, listened to the kids destroying his house, ate pizza and Troy even got a pedicure!
When the game started and we heard it was the first snow game at Utah since 2008 and the whole stadium was covered in snow I really wasn't that sad to be missing it.

Bowdee and Terry had a great time! The Utes won the game 31-6 against UCLA, they ran into Kyle, and enjoyed a JCW's burger after the game I was just happy for Bowdee to be able to share his first football game with his dad. How fun for them.

Sunday Terry and Bowdee spent the day mixing and pouring concrete for the basketball standard. It doesn't look like it would have taken long but they were out there for a good 4 hours working. I was in the house making these cool posters for Tia and Treg.
When we went to Bowdee's end of football party and they handed out these posters Terry had a great idea to do one for all the kids. It took longer then I thought but was fun to do.

This is what the poster that Bowdee got at his party looked like. The one we fell in love with and just had to have some for the other kids. Thanks again to the wonderful football moms that made it all possible.