Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy Saturdays

Our heads popped off the pillows at 6:30 in a rush to get dressed for soccer, eat and rush to church no its not Sunday but we volunteered to clean the church. So we rushed over and helped a few other families in the ward clean.

Matia loved mopping the bathrooms. Treg really wanted to vacuum but he got to clean the mirrors dust. Bowdee checked all the toilet papers and paper towels and refilled where needed. It was a good experience one to teach them volunteering. They all loved it and want to do it again next week.

After cleaning we went straight to Tregs soccer game. He played tough but the other team was tougher. Treg is very competitive and he hates to loose. So it was a hard one to take but right after his soccer game I had to shoot over to drop Bowdee off at baseball practice then to coach Matia's soccer game.
She had some fire in her I tell ya. The parents on the side lines for the other team were talking about how tough that number 8 is and how she isn't afraid of anything. She thought the other team said her friend was stupid so she was vicious with them. They were excited to win a game.While I was coaching Tia's game Terry took Treg to his baseball practice, picked up Bowdee from his and rushed him over to his soccer game. Bowdee is also fun to watch. He is getting to the point where he is doing some fancy foot work with the ball. He made a few goals, his team has played together for a long time so its fun to watch them all progress.After his game we came home and had intentions of going camping in our new trailer... Oh wait did I say new trailer I mean new to us... but yes we finally broke down and bought us a toy hauler. It is just perfect for our family. But the weather said it was suppose to start raining and keep raining all through the next day so we bagged the camping trip and worked in the yard.