Monday, February 28, 2011

Brighton - OUCH!

Yesterday started out perfect! We woke up at 7:00 to go snowboarding as a family to Brighton. We left the house around 8:45 which we thought the resorted opened at 9:30 so we were right where we wanted to be. The kids were all filled with stoke and excitement to hit the mountain again. We listened to the Hunger Games on our trip up and all was good. We got our tickets and hooked up with Troy, Terrys brother. I told Terry, Troy and Bowdee to go have fun and that we would meet them for lunch around 12. So I took Matia and Treg up Magestic for a few really fun rides. We had a few moments where I was questioning my abilities and was wishing Terry was there to help me out. Like the time Tia went ahead of me and Treg through the trees. But Treg was unable to make that path and started heading down a different path. I had to unstrap and carry him back up the hill to the path so that Tia wouldn't be lost and waiting for us. After that I got smart and told her to follow us. Getting off the lift went alot smoother then I expected. They both held my hand and I was in the middle and we just coasted right off. So all and all we had a great time. Treg took a really big wipeout, he was just going all out trying to get down cuz his face was cold. He hit a big bump and it threw him pretty good. He was covered in snow and spread eagle facing up. But he didn't move I got up to him and he was ok he said his arm hurt which scared me but it was just the snow. We were right under the lift and I heard alot of people gasping and pointing at him. But we got him up and started heading down the mountain and shortly after we got going a snowmobile ski patrol came barreling up the mountain headed right for where we were. I seriously think someone called the patrol for this little lifeless boy that just took a big hit. Because if I didn't know him better I would have thought the same thing the way he just laid there motionless not even crying out loud even though he probably wanted to. So after about 3 good runs with the kids we took a quick potty break and there were the boys ready for lunch. We went back to the truck and enjoyed the best pulled pork sandwich ever. Then headed back to the mountain for some fun. Terry decided it was my turn to go with Troy and Bowdee. I was a little nervous because for the last 3 years I have been bound to the bunny hills with the kids while they were learning. So you could say I am pretty rusty when it comes to snowboarding with the Big Boys. But I was excited too so we headed up Crest then headed over to Snake. Thats about the last thing I remember... I guess I caught my back edge and flung back and hit my head on the ice. Troy and Bowdee says I kept asking the same questions over and over. If Terry had the little kids and if we were on Snake. I could follow Troy down the mountain but if I couldn't see him I would stop because I was lost and had no clue where I was. So since Bowdee was following me he would show me Troy and I would start to follow him again. Then I do remember fighting with Troy telling him to leave me at the lodge and to go have fun while I take it easy. (which was about 1 hour after I fell because I insisted on him taking me on one more run, which I remember nothing about.)

I was sitting at the lodge for about 45 min while Troy and Bowdee were off looking for Terry and the kids. There was a really nice guy named Chris who came to talk to me. He sat down and showed me his good luck golden necklace that was from back in the 1600's. Thats why he didn't need a helmet like I evidently did. He also balled up some snow for me to hold to my head. And he was just a cool cute guy who took my mind off my hurting head and made me feel like I was going to be okay. Ya know he could tell I was hurting and what a nice thing for him to do. To spend that long sitting and talking to some old lady to make sure she was okay. When he could have just walked right past me and been snowboarding. I know most people would look at him with his long curly hair that was begining to dreadlock and think what a punk. But wow what a heart of gold that kid had. Chris whoever you are thanks for making a difference in my day. I hope someday I can be more like that, so outgoing and helpful instead of shy and passive.Troy found Terry and the kids going up Crest yelled to them and they hurried down as fast as they could. Then we left, that was it 30 minutes before the lifts closed. Bowdee was so cute, I was feeling guilty making everyone leave early. So he says its a good thing mom because now we can beat the traffic. I have to say I am one pretty lucky girl to have a family that loves me as much as they do. Troy was so sweet and fabulous to take care of me. Bowdee was so worried, I think I really scared him and Troy both. Terry made sure I had everything I needed and I wasn't falling asleep. Matia kept rubbing my head and asking me questions. Treg well that was the funniest part of the whole thing, listen to this. Terry was teasing me about if I died this and that which was all funny and good hearted. Then Treg says "Yah if mom dies then we won't have to go to school tomorrow."

So when I woke up today I seriously felt like I was hit by a freight train that was going super fast. My hip hurts, my neck kills, my head throbs and I feel older then I have ever felt... But I am happy to be alive. I am thankful for my sweet family and all my dear friends. I hope I am living a life that I show people how I feel about them and that they will never have to wonder if I loved them. Because I do love my friends and family so much! I just hope they know that. Thanks guys