Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sept 26-Oct 2 Family Photos

Wednesday I took Matia to a girls night out. It was so fun we have this amazing leader that plans a mother daughter activity every year and she has done some AMAZING things. Of course she blames it all on the talented ladies in our ward... which there are PLENTY of. But I know she has it all together to put together a night like she did. It was themed "Don't get Tangled in the World" and we braided each others hair with flowers in them then ate dinner and decorated paper lanterns while we had an amazing talk about not getting Tangled and Mother Knows Best. While they were talking about Mother knows Best they asked us for some of our mothers famous sayings... I rose my hand and said my mother always told me "not to scowl or I will grow wrinkles there forever".
Then a few others said some fun sayings and then Tia rose her hand so proudly and I whispered what are you going to say she whispered back "stop fidgeting or I will pull your hair out" I said oh no you don't and pulled her hand down. My sweet friend teaching the lesson saw what was going on and called on Matia... I quickly mention to the group she had nothing to say... Yet my sweet friend with an enduring smile insisted on Matia to participate. So Matia tells the whole group my secret to get her to sit still while I do her hair... Everyone rolled laughing and I turned red and insisted I NEVER SAY THAT! I just love being with my sweet Matia she makes everything we do fun. Love ya girlie!

Thursday Treg had another Flag football game I was not going to miss this one because the one I missed for Matia's date he made an killer interception and almost a touchdown.. This game was fun to watch and I loved every minute of it. After the game I went for ice cream with my sweet friend Denise and Christina. I haven't seen Denise for quite some time and it was so nice to catch back up with her. BTW I love frozen yogurt and the ORANGE LEAF in highland was amazing.

Friday Terry took the day off and we pulled the kids out of school half day and we hit the lake. It felt good to be some what irresponsible... It reminded me of the days I would skip school to go skiing with my dad. Anyway it was an amazing day on the lake.
By far the best this season on Utah lake. Then we hustled off the lake showered and went to our friends house for some yummy food and a good BYU-Utah State football game. This was our first time meeting Rusty's girlfriend and she was really cool.

Saturday we had Bowdee's football game and 3 soccer games but the soccer games didn't get over until 5:00 we really wanted to go to Strawberry to see the leaves and hear the elk but we had a flat tire on the truck and had to replace all those and just didn't have time to get out of her so we stayed home and watched the Utes football game yes it was a sad game.

Sunday we went up AF canyon and took our family photos... Why we choose General Conference to go up there I will never know it was so crowded. But we took our photos and I think they turned out pretty good for a timer button. After the photos we went out west to sight in our guns again. And visit Troy for his birthday. It was a pretty ok weekend!