Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 19-24 Settling in our new life

Feb 19th Monday - Presidents Day so while most people are in California or on some warm vacation we are here building our office. We looked and looked and couldn't find a desk just right for us so of course I put Terry to work and this is what he has created. AMAZING in my eyes. It was alot more work then just go buying something but this is perfect.


Feb 20th Tuesday - After preschool Kami and I went running/walking. You see I haven't done any sort of official exercise since we found and started working on this farm. So it was 5 miles of torcher but somehow being with Kami made it nice! Then the nieces and nephew came over to horse ride with Grandpa! And I simply LOVE every minute of it.
Let me just say I am so thankful for such wonderful friends and family! This week has been filled with lunches w/ Holly, Tara, Mindee. Treats delivered from my sweet cousins and aunt Dixie. More unboxing, and more horse riding with my dad and Kamis cute family. I can not believe how happy I am right now. Even though I am living in a mess with no kitchen sink... I just bubble over with joy looking out my back window at the horses and watch my kids do their chores.

The front window on the other hand is not so enjoyable. There is the constant hum of construction trucks working all day starting at 6:00 in the morning. And then there is the generator running all night.... And then there is the road that is routed right through our front yard. I am just hoping it will be over sometime very soon. The most frustrating part is the lady that forclosed this house was paid $4500.oo to put up with this inconvience and here we are to deal with it and we got no warning. But oh well Love this life anyway. Feb 24th Sunday - Today was a great day as Troy and Jolyn came to visit. We have not seen them for so long it was nice to finally sit and talk with them. We even put Troy on the tractor to plow us a trail to the barn through the snow drifts. He was cute just happy as can be driving my John Deer. Then Kyle and Emilee decided to join us and see what we have done with the place. So we all sat and just talked as the kids ran around playing this and that.

Then at 6:30 we headed over to Cari & Brents for a Family Home Evening we were invited to. It was nice to talk to the cousins and let our kids meet their 2nd cousins and have fun playing with them. Wow we are surrounded out here by genuinely some of the most amazing people. And how lucky am I that I can say they are family. What a fun day. Of course we didn't get much done but that is not always what matters most.

Feb 11-18th Clean up House/ Move in

Feb 11th Monday - Today I went down to the farm doing a little of this and that, came home packed the truck with boxes, preschool prep, update blog and after we ate we headed to the farm for a little clean up of counter mess, tools and getting ready to move in. Matia and Terry are the most excited to move. I see so much work ahead of me that it is hard to be excited for this although I will love the aftermath. I am a little nervous living without a kitchen sink and counters for 3 weeks though.
Feb 12th Tuesday - Last night as Terry and I were sitting on Bowdee's floor setting up his desk we realized the carpet we had was not the same as the basement. It is such a worse quality, same color and all but so cheap. So today I woke up and went to Lowe's to find out they installed a carpet that was $.63 a sq ft not the $1.63 we paid for. So after much negotiating they refunded us our $864.00 and charged us $144.00 to keep what they installed. It still sucks because I am sure we will have to recarpet in a few years but at least they were nice enough to work with us.
Feb 14th Thursday - Ok so this year I must say I just love my family so much. For them all to be going through all these changes in our lives and they are all handling it so well. So this year I finished all their personal scrapbooks and the one BIG family one. Terry and I also gave them each a really soft snuggly blanket to enjoy in our new home. My kids bring so much happiness to my life I just can't even tell you. But Terry is the love of my life. He is definitely my person! The one and only that really gets and understands me. Ok so he might not always understand me but he does his best and I know he will always love me unconditionally! Thank you Terry for sticking with me during this hard time in my life. You are such a great person! I love you for always being so considerate and showing me how you love me. You always find that perfect gift for me that takes so much thought and effort. Man I sure lucked out when you married me. Feb 15th Friday - What would I ever do without my sweet mom and dad. Today I spent the day loading boxes and moving them to the farm! Yes a very exciting day for our family. But without the help of my dad this would have been a very overwhelming moment. So my mom told my dad "I don't want you doing anything today except taking care of Kristi" so with dad at my disposal we moved 90% of the basement all before 1:30 which I figured we deserved a little lunch break at Zuppa's with ma. Thank you mom for dad's help and thank you dad for your little boost of "we can do this attitude" So we spent the rest of the night moving and settling down. Of course we got quite exhausted so we hit Little Caesars for dinner and cuddled up to a movie in our new house. What a fun experience tucking the kids back into their own bedrooms on actual beds again not on the floor anymore. We were all excited to have our own spaces again. Love this new adventure! Feb 16th Saturday - What a fun day we had today. We started out with a little shopping around for a few things then we headed to Tia & Tregs bball games. Which is always fun but today was the first time Terry's parents were able to come watch them play. And we got to visit with them. Then they got us some KFC for lunch after the games. So sweet! After we enjoyed a delicious lunch we got to work. Our sweet friend Ryan Ruchti came to help us move the heavy stuff along with our sweet dads. It was great to have all that stuff moved and down to our new house. Now the only thing we have left at the preschool house is our computer which we will move soon. It is weird to see it so empty, to think of all the work we put into making it just the way we want it then we move... CRAZY