Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nov 26th-Dec 2nd Terry's weekend to Wendover

Nov 26th - Monday usually FHE but tonight it was date night. I think the whole family could tell I needed a date night with just Terry and I for a few hours. So we went shopping and I tell you I haven't decided if I LOVE or HATE Costco. It seems like every time I go in there for just one thing that one thing ends up being over $100. Tonight it ended up being $600.00 and we didn't even get our major purchase that we will get tomorrow for $450.00!

Nov. 27th - Tuesday I have to say I am going to miss my preschool days next year. Hopefully I can become a wonderful horse teacher and I can find joy in teaching children about horses because I love to see these kids progress. After preschool I went down to the farm and helped my mom and dad lay some fencing. I just love working along side these 2 wonderful people. Don't you worry, mom took me to pick up my truck and it wasn't just 2,000 it was 2,677.55 with tax, shipping and labor!
I came home and hear Treg asking Terry "Dad someday will you teach me how to make games and programs on the computer?" Terry says "Sure how about today." Tregs eyes got bigger then I have ever seen them go before and he says "REALLY???" so they proceed over to the computer and Terry shows him a "Try it now" program and he was reading programming instructions for the next 2 hours. He was glued, it took everything in him to look away for this photo.... Crazy boy! Terry says to me... "Don't worry he will love this and maybe someday he will make us a million dollars!"
Nov. 28th - Wednesday I sent the kids off to school... Matia was dressed up as a pilgrim and Treg was just Treg. Then I hustled down to the farm. Shoveled sawdust with dad to empty his dump truck then off to Delta to buy some alfalfa cubes for our sweet Miss Holly Kay! $900 later we had a dump truck full of cubes and we were headed North on I-15. I tell you what this farming life is not cheap. I think I am needing to board some horses to help pay for it. Love this life on the go!
When Terry got home we ate as quick as we could then headed to the farm to unload the cubes. We had hopes to just dump it in the wash stall but it was super tricky to get a straight shot and then we couldn't lift it the whole way up because of the ceiling so we had to shovel most of it out of the dump truck. It was painful, long, hard, and dusty. But with Terry and I both shoveling it only took us one hour of constant shoveling. The kids were mucking stalls and of course they made a fun game out of it.
Nov. 29th - Thursday After preschool I took my mom and dad lunch down at the farm. We had a goal to get the horses out in the outside corals, and I needed to shovel back the cubes to put up a wall to protect them from water. So just like my dad says working side by side with another really makes those moments memorable. When Terry got home we went shopping up at the new outlet mall by Cabela's it was amazing. But most of all I just had fun being on a date with my man.
Nov. 30th - Friday I have been excited to go on yet another date with Terry tonight. It was his LanDesk Christmas Party at Thanksgiving Point so we rode over with Terry's friends Greg Westbrook and his wife. It was a nice relaxing night out with a hilarious comedian Jason Hewlett. Oh my goodness I have not laughed so hard for so long. It was nice to just let go of all my worries and just have a good time. Thanks Terry for taking me to your party I had a great time.
Dec. 1st - Saturday When the mouse is away the mice will play. Terry got to go to a concert with his buds out at Wendover... Soooo me and the kids had some good ol fun just hanging out. I took them to Mr. E's and Krispy Kremes because they get free stuff with good grades and since all of them got straight A's we just had to go celebrate. Then we came back to have a movie night. I am so proud of my kids for working so hard in school to get these kinds of grades. Way to go kiddos
Terry had fun with they boys. They went to see Rodney Carrington and stayed at the Nuggett. I am sure he would have rather been with me ;) but sometimes he needs to be away to remember how great he has it at home and how well I really take care of his OCD mind. Love you baby and we missed you as well but glad you had fun. They didn't even take one photo for little ol' me at home.
Dec. 2nd - Sunday We had a great time sleeping in, reading the newspaper, then later cleaning the house before Terry came home. Then we left the kids home and went to the farm to work some more on the house. I know surprising but we have to get this electrical done before we can do anything else. This is what it is looking like today.