Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 8-14 Soccer Games Begin

April 14th Monday - Okay so Terry told me I needed to create this post just for him. He told be this weekend as long as the house is clean and dinner is ready when he gets home I can play with my animals all I want. So I woke up at 7:00 made all the kids lunches, helped Matia milk, got the kids off to school, then made zucchini bread, made French bread, made Terry brownies, made sure I had everything ready for a salmon dinner, caught up my blog, then cleaned like crazy, dusted, moped floors, scrubbed toilets, tubs, did the dishes, washed 4 loads of laundry and put them all away, vacuumed everything. Well I am sure you get the point this house was sparkling. Then I helped my dad load 6 horses into the trailers and went to pick up the kids on the way to the equestrian park for the fun part. We stayed there practicing our 4-H and horsemanship until 5:30 then we headed home and while Terry BBQ the salmon I helped the farrier do 3 more horses. It was a busy day but I did it all and then I collapsed on bed when all the kids were tucked in. But the funny thing is when I have a day like this my mind races so I have a really hard time falling asleep. I think of everything I did and all the things I still need to do. Even though I am so tired I can't sleep and this is my life long bother. Terry doesn't mind because when this happens I rub his back until I fall asleep. Man this life is one fun adventure. I hope my kids remember to enjoy every moment even if it is the work that needs to be done before you can play. Just enjoy it!~ April 15th Tuesday - So after preschool Craig the farrier came over to finish the last 2 horses. I am sure he is sick and tired of this Crazy Ranch with our Crazy horses but Kiwi and Holly were so good for him! As soon as he left my friends Kim Vanausdaul and her kids came to check out the ranch. The kids let the feed the goats and Amanda just LOVED every minute of it. Kim grew up on a farm so she remembers so much of what we are going through. I sure love sharing this place with people that enjoy it. Matia and Tayla went to activity days for the first time in this ward and they had so much fun going together! I love that Tia has Tayla and they love each other like sisters. I have to remind Tia to treat her like a friend sometimes because she can get snippy with her (like a sister). Then Bowdee went to scouts which they had this awesome combined activity where they printed out their genealogy for generations deep. It was so cool it makes you really think about these people and how we are related to them. Kinda makes me wanna research each of them and find out who they really were. Bowdee went over and babysat Kyles kids while they were at a work party and I just can't tell you how happy it makes me that they get to have such a close relationship with their cousins.
April 16th Wednesday - Today went pretty good until Terry came home. As soon as he came home I told him we needed to hurry so we could get the trailer hooked up to take to soccer practice so we could pick up Strawberry (my friends horse) on the way home. Well Terry HATES to be rushed but he tried to play along with me. We went through a big dip right before we got to the soccer field and the horse trailer came off the hitch (bummer). I had hurried Terry to fast and he didn't latch the hitch... I felt so bad I knew it was all my fault so we hurried and jacked it back up, hooked up again and made it to soccer practice late (bummer). But they had a soccer game going on in the middle of our practice field (bummer). So we practiced next to the field on the grass but then they came over and told Terry not to use his whistle cuz it was affecting the game (Bummer). After practice we went to pick up Strawberry and as we were talking to my friend Terry noticed his truck's exhaust was white which he assumed the injectors were bad (BUMMER). We got home and Kyle was here and he affirmed Terry knew what he was talking about and it was going to cost us at least $4,000 to fix (BUMMMER). Then as he was talking to Kye I was in the house making Alice Spring Chicken dinner (one of his favorites) when he heard a baby goat just BAWLING told Tia to check on her and she found Cupcake had jumped right into the tall water barrel and was near drowning (bummer). Treg rushed her into the house to dry her and take care of her. She is crying because her friends aren't there reminding Terry there is a farm animal in the house which he HATES. So to quiet her we had to bring in the other babies. So now there is 3 farm animals in the house not just one (BUMMER) of course they were in the bathroom but still they were in the house. Finally I got to serve him his favorite dinner and made him another batch of brownies and just let the whole days events sink in... What a fun day! Let's not do this again tomorrow and lets thank heaven the day is over and we all survived!
April 17th Thursday - Today was the day all of my preschool kids have been waiting for all year long. They were so excited to finally get to come visit my farm and see the chicks, pet the bunny, feed the goats, find an egg, and ride the horses. I had my dad, Kyle, Emilee, Michele, Matia, Treg, Tayla, and Lily all here to help me. I woke up feeling really sick and wanted to cancel but I didn't I knew that it would break my little kids hearts so I just cowboyed up and got'er done. We had 6 different stations with fun activities at each one. I sure hope they all enjoyed it and will remember this day for a long time.
I know it made my heart so happy to see them all here and loving the moments. I sure owe my dad and Kyles family a BIG thank you for helping me make it successful. Also Michele for bringing sweet Strawberry for the kids to ride! What a fun day today was. After preschool I just got worse and ended up canceling preschool and did as little as possible to get through the day. Even though Bowdee had baseball tryouts and Matia had dance Terry helped once he got home. Thanks everyone for being my backup in life! What would I ever do without you?
April 18th Friday - Bowdee calls me about 7:45 asking if he could go to a Jazz game with Jackson... I told him I would love to go and what time were they going to pick me up!!! He laughed and then said really mom can I please go. I said sure but if I had known they had 4th row seats I would have duck taped Bowdee in the closet and dressed up as Bowdee so I could go... Man I have never been that close in a real Jazz game. I am so excited he had this chance to go, yes jealous as all get out but happy for my cute boy who loves the Jazz almost as much as I do. Treg and Tia went out to ride horses in our arena where Kyle and Dad helped them work on a trail riding course. After horse riding Terry and I went to the preschool to mud the unfinished bedroom. This is really getting old I can't wait until it is all finished and we get to work on the farm. Still thankful Terry can do all this... But man it is sure getting old fast!!!!
April 19th Saturday - Well here we go the soccer season is now in full swing. We had Treg's game first which we are coaching. The boys all did their best but it is many boys first soccer game ever so we have lots to teach them. They did good though and we only lost 3-1. I had to leave before it was over to drop Bowdee off at his game then run to Tia's game to help coach that game. I have helped coach this team for 3 years now. They are cute girls and they are really doing good, I don't get to watch the game as much because I am so busy trying to figure out rotations fairly. But Tia started off as aggressive as she ended last year. I was so proud of how hard she plays. They ended up winning 3-2 and Terry went to watch Bowdee's which they won 3-1 as well. So it was fun to get back on the soccer field and watch our kids run around like crazy. After all the games Terry and I went back to the preschool to work on the tile in the laundry closet and mudding some more while the kids played with friends and cousins. What a fun time.
April 20th Sunday - Treg had a dream last night that he caught his kitten that ran away back in September. So I said well go look and see if you can find it and catch it. So he and Tia went walking down the road and 1/2 hour later they came back with a cat in their arms. Wouldn't you know it that Treg and Tia found Hazel and caught her. Treg was so happy to have his cat back! Terry chose to go mud the preschool while me and the kids went to church. It was fun because my cousin was blessing their baby and the chapel was full of relatives. But then they all went for a luncheon at their house and the classes were so empty! The kids said church is not as fun as it usually is with your cousins mom. After church I was feeling down in the dumps so Terry took the kids and went to Scheel's without me. I think he does that to make me really think about what I am missing out on. Well it worked I took a nap and woke up feeling much better. I would have liked to go with them but I guess I really needed that Sunday nap, it felt so good. Yes, I guess it is important to listen to your inner self and take care of yourself when you need it.