Monday, March 26, 2012

March 1-15 2012

Wow I can't even begin to tell you how busy this month has been already. First of all with buying a new car there is all the hasle of getting it inspected and registered and plates for it. Then we are trying to pour concrete counter tops so there is tons of research to find out how to do it and where to buy all the right products to make it a success. Then my niece Karrilyn is getting married so there was bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts to plan out then a full day of fun attending everything I possibly could to show her how much I love her and how proud I am of her for choosing to be married in the temple. With that my 2 brothers from out of state came in and so of course I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them because I just love their guts! Then of course it is March so Matia had her birthday. Treg is turning 8 so he will be getting baptized this next weekend and he had a fabulous birthday party at Trafalga. Bowdee got braces which was a big hurry because of the way his eye teeth were coming in. He also had his Jr. High registration which where they let you go to the Jr. High and walk around and get signed up for things. This all in itself freaked me out because he can't really be going to Jr. High that means he is really growing up. Then St. Patricks day always stresses me out just thinking of those tricky leprechauns messing up my house 4 times for the preschool then for my kids. I won't lie there were days I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. But I made it through and now I feel like I can almost breath. When I get this way it stresses Terry out because he can see all I am doing to keep my head above water so that always causes contention because he tells me to chill when sometimes I just can't until it is all behind me. So I am trying, I am trying to remember to slow down and breath. So here it goes we will start from the very beginning and hit all the highlights!

March 3rd was Bowdee's last basketball game he played a good season and I am so glad he is on the rec league it just makes it more fun then stressful. Bowdee is a very competative player when he joins a team he gives it his all and he hates to loose. So it was hard for him because they didn't win very many games but I can truly say when Bowdee played he played 100% and in my eyes that is what makes a winner not the end score. Thank you Bowdee for playing so hard and Terry for being willing to coach these fabulous boys! Then I went to Karrilyns wedding shower and of course me being the terrible aunt that I am convinced the other aunts we just had to get something to embarrass her... So we did and well she didn't appreciate it like we thought she would. Maybe someday she will forgive me.

On Sunday the 4th I missed being with my family so we went to Strawberry to go ice fishing with Troys family. We took the snowmobile and that was cool then we just stayed close so the kids could sled on the hill while we fished. The weather was perfect and they had fun building a ice fort but we didn't catch any fish. I tell you what I sure love being outside and being busy! Makes me feel like I am really living life!

March 10th was the day my Karrilyn got married. I can't believe she is really married I feel like such an old woman. She was just born last year (so it seems) can it really be true that she is really 24 and old enough to be married. She really seems happy too. I am so happy for her but I just still can't believe it. So I drove my 3 brothers, Kami and Lakota to Manti to be at the temple at 9:15. Then after photos and all the hooray we went enjoyed the day being together.

I wish we could have stole Kathy and Mike to spend some time with us but they had other obligations so we ate at a little diner there in Manti and took a quick scenic drive to Palisades before we headed to the luncheon in Santaquin. Enjoyed getting to know Gavins family, which he is really sweet and will fit in our crazy family just fine. Then went home to grab our families for the reception.

They would have been to the all day affair but Matia had her last basketball game and horse lessons she just didn't want to miss. Which I have to say I have just loved her basketball team as well they are so much fun. It has been the same team (mostly) for 2 years now so it is fun to watch them improving! Matia was awarded the Ms. Punch Out award for not being shy to jump in there and knock the other team out. Matia does play with some aggression which the coach wishes he could install into all the other players. Thanks for playing Tia we love to watch you!

So the reception was fabulous we showed up at the end where there was music and dancing and cake eating you know all the good stuff. I had fun swinging with my nephew AJ who I have not seen in over 2 years due to a mission. That was great and then just watching my crazy family just be crazy and enjoying each others company. Yes my sister cried alot of it but I have a feeling I will too when Tia gets hitched. Then they were gone just like that so we stayed and helped clean up and the kids loaded up on the extra cake!

I forgot to mention late last night Matia invited her long lost uncles over for a birthday breakfast... So Terry threw together a fabulous breakfast while I cleaned the house and wrapped all her gifts. Again it was great to spend more time with them the more time the better. But a little notice would have been nice, Tia...

Then it was off to celebrating the birth of my baby girl. Wow she is already 10 years old and wanting glasses so she looks older... What is that about? Oh well we took her to the mall we went to eat at the Chuckarama for her and Tregs birthday dinners. We have never eaten there as a family and they loved every minute of it! I just of course loved being with my darling family.

Matia's celebration so Matia turning 10 is crazy yes. But it is so fun to watch her learn and grow. Lately I have been a little nervous because she seems to be distancing herself from her friends at school. Just wanting to be home and not playing w/ friends. I guess everyone is different I just hope she doesn't lose all her close friends because I know how much joy my friends bring me. So I had her invite a few friends to go swimming and have some cake and ice cream. They seemed to have a fabulous time and I enjoyed watching her interact with her friends.

But most of all I loved taking her to lunch and spending one on one time with her. She wanted to go to Subway for a quick bite so we would have time to go to Justice for Girls before we headed back to School. I sure love my one on one time with this cutie. She always makes me so happy, with her cute smile and sweet lovie personality!

Wednesday the 14th was another BIG day in our lives. I dropped the kids off to school and then took Bowdee to the Orthodontist to get braces. Ya his teeth look so straight but there wasn't room for his eye teeth so they are coming straight out pointing to his lips. So Dr. Carter thought it was best if we got his braces as soon as possible so we could make some room. I can't believe how fast the process was. These Drs. are amazingly quick, accurate, and punctual I love that.

Then we decided to celebrate Tregs Big number 8 birthday on Wednesday so I could take him to lunch as well. He wanted to go to Chili's which is so cute. We have only been there twice with the family and I didn't think he liked it that well but he said now we can watch a baseball game while we eat mom isn't that cool. So he had a little cheese pizza, applesauce, and he was so excited when I let him order his own Dr. Pepper. I Love this kid he is so extremely smart and creative!

After school we had his friends come over and we took them to Trafalga. Treg loves Trafalga but I never get him tokens so I gave them each a $5.00 token card, we had pizza, played laser tag, and our token games and had so much fun. Then we headed back to our house for gifts and cake and Ice cream. Treg is still a major fan of money and gold so this is what his cake turned out to be like. And yes he wants to go gold mining for his birthday!

Thursday the 15th was another crazy day here at the Townsends. First of all I had my preschool St. Patricks Day party and wouldn't you know it those leprechauns showed up 3 different times to mess up our classrooms. Then right after school was piano for Tia, Soccer for Treg and the JR. High Registration for Bowdee. Then baptism interview with primary leader Trish for Treg and Tia off to dance.

At school Matia had the 4th grade Mountain Man Rendezvous, which she loved! She really wanted me to help out but I just couldn't with it being a Thursday :( But when she got home we asked her how many Trader Bucks she got she said "Oh I got quite a bit but then there were some boys in my class who had none so I gave them all away. See I tell ya she has a heart of gold! She made stress balls to sell all by herself and she sold them all! Of course she didn't want to be a pioneer lady she wanted to dress like a cowgirl. She is what she is that is for sure!

I just can't believe Bowdee is old enough to be having his own locker, girlfriends, and pretty much I can kiss him goodbye. I just hope he lets me still be apart of his life and he isn't too embarrassed of me. When we were at the Jr. High we ran into his LONG time GREAT friend Adi. They were opening lockers together and she just couldn't get it and he said "Adi if you ever need help with your locker just come get me and I will open it for you." How sweet is that? Man I love you Bowdee and I hope your Jr. High days are fun and exciting for you and that you love every minute of it.

Friday the 16th finally came and the kids dressed in green for school which they always look so cute I could just pinch them but I couldn't because they had their green on. Then I took the day to recover. I took Dash for a 2&1/2 mile run, I went swimming with Kami, then to lunch with Amy. It was nice to talk to her since she is going through the same issues I am with sending my oldest off to Jr. High. I guess I just remember too much of Jr. High and it scares me!

Saturday we woke up to a messy house... DANG LEPRECHAUNS! They got us again. So we spent the morning cleaning up after those tricksters, trimming dash, cleaning the chicken coop, and gagging down some green pinterest muffins mom thought would be fun to have with our green smoothie for breakfast. After all the grief the kids gave me about the green breakfast she took the day off and decided nobody needed or really wanted a green dinner or lunch. Tia went to horse lessons from 1:30-3:00 and we finished prepping the basement for the concrete to be poured tomorrow.