Saturday, October 23, 2010

Witch Festival

So for years I have been wanting to go to the Gardner's Village Witch Festivle. So this year I made sure it happenend. I made Kami, Tonja, Holly and Chris a witch costume for their birthdays. I figured if I did that they couldn't say no. I even made Kami come with us girls for a night on the town. I am not sure she enjoyed being with us crazy ladies but I know I sure enjoyed her being with us. We first ate at Red Robin which we always love. Then we hit the village. It was better then I expected there were witches everywhere, dancing, shopping, candy, food and best of all FRIENDS! After we had our fill of fun and they were forcing us to go home we went to Leatherbys Family Icecream. I haven't been there for years I remember my oldest sister taking me there after I would babysit for her. Good memories. Well we just made some more and I remembered what I loved so much about it. Thanks ladies for joining in on the fun it was a night I will never forget.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break

This fall break was a really busy one. Wednesday night we celebrated Bowdee's birthday with his friends. We took them to play raquetball, swimming (they even got thrown out of the hot tub), then back to he house for pizza dinner and night games. We even fogged up the house with our fogger turned on halloween music and the strobe light and the kids danced around all crazy.They were all in heaven. It started at 4:00 and we took them home at 9:30. I just love it when the kids have friends over and they all seem to have a wonderful time. Happy birthday Bowdee I hope you loved all your gifts and most of all I hope you know how much we love having you in our family.Then Thursday we packed up and headed to Strawberry to go camp over night and enjoy the outdoors four wheeling and fishing. We only caught 2 fish in like 5 hours and the wind started blowing like crazy and it was cold. But none the less the kids had fun finding treasures with Bowdee's new metal detector and casting their lines. And of course Terry and I just enjoyed being together in the great outdoors. "If you are lucky enough to be outdoors, you are lucky enough!" Both Terry and I have a great love for the outdoors and hope our children feel the same. Saturday morning my nephew was baptised so it was nice to be there for that and show him our support. I am proud of you buddy, I know you are making the right choice. Then we had a lunchen with my family. I sure enjoy just chilling with my family. We are all so different in different ways but the same in others. Which is a good thing. But it made me realize how much I miss all my brothers and oldest sister. Family is such an important part of my life. I hope they realize that and I have been good enough to show them my love. Then Saturday after the lunch we headed out to Wendover. I have been wanting to take our family photos so we stopped at the salt flats and shot a few shots here is our favorite. The only downfall was that Dash was with my parents for the trip and couldn't be in the photo. Other then that I think they turned out pretty good for a tripod and quick 15 min. stop. Then we got our hotel rooms (which we were sharing with Troy and his girls and Rusty a good friend of Terry). We had dinner and just hung out. Then we took turns staying with the kids while us adults went dancing. It was nice to get out for just a few hours and feel like a single lady again.We left Wendover and stopped to see Terry's parents. Their house just recently had flood damage from a broken pipe. So we went to see their new carpet and recently redone bedrooms. Those times in our lives really try us and exhaust us but they make us the strong individuals we are. We also stopped to see Terry's grandpa who I have become very attached to. He has recently been moved into an assisted living home. So we missed going to his little white house that he lived in for 60 years.
It was hard to see him sad and missing his home and in a little room but I guess it is where he needs to be to keep him healthy. What a great man we thoroghly enjoyed our visit with him talking about old times and hearing his stories. We love you Gramps! You could sure feel his excitment from our visit, we should go more often. The only down fall of this whole weekend was having to come home to a complete mess! But we created many memories that I will never forget. Man I love this life!