Monday, August 20, 2012

August 13-19 Last week of Summer :(

August 13th, Monday I am so sad to think that this is our last week of summer. It has seemed to go by so fast this year especially with all this farm drama! So today I took the kids clothes shopping for school to make sure they all had the necessities. Matia fell in love with this cute shirt and the boys both agreed they didn't need any more new shirts just pants and shorts... I think they were just trying to get out of shopping, but I am not going to complain. But thank heavens I have a little girl who still likes to shop with me!

August 14th, Tuesday, Terry has been playing Ultimate Frisbee with some guys at work. Well they put together a team and entered a competition. They seem to be pretty good although I have to say I have never watched the game. Until tonight I sent Bowdee to football with a friend and me and the younger kids went to watch their game. They played so well and it was so super fun to watch the LanDesk team play a tough game of "Ultimate"! Good playing baby, we Loved it!

August 15th, Wednesday, So today I just wanted my babies back and when my children were small every summer I would take them to Thanksgiving Point Farm. So that is where we went today it was interesting to all of us because with the possibilities of getting the farm we inspected everything they did to make their animals happy. Then I took the kids to the Utah County fair and were extremely disappointed to find out they no longer show goats. Oh p.s. good news on the house today it looks like we will be closing next week, loan is completely approved just need the title to the house!

August 16th, Thursday, This morning I woke up the kids bright and early to go horseback riding with my dad. It was a fun experience because the horses were being so good to everyone. Bowdee rode Jake which he LOVED! Matia rode Robby who was being so sweet to her, and Treg rode Trigger with Grandpa leading him. Then later it was back to school for bowdee at the Jr. High. I just can't believe this is happening that he is going into Jr. High. CRAZY!

August 17th, Friday, Today I spent the day finishing packing for the Townsend Reunion, then got a very upsetting e-mail about the house stating that before we can close we have to fix the shingles, dry rot on exterior, mold in bedroom, well water pump, and propane has to be installed. Which none of this will be covered by the seller due to it is an "as is sell". I just don't know anymore I am so frustrated with all these hoops to jump through! We made it up to Granite Flats to camp with Terry's family. It was so nice to see Tammie, I just wish I was in a better mood!

August 18th, Saturday I took Bowdee down for a scrimmage game and someone wanted to drive my pilot so after we were all finished with our business we headed back up to the canyons for more fun with the family. We played at the lake then came back for a group dinner to celebrate Kaye and Chucks 45th anniversary! They are such a cute couple always there for each other. Then we stayed up around the campfire telling stories while the grand kids played night games.

August 19th, Sunday, Today was spent packing up and saying goodbye. It was a fun weekend, I love watching the cousins get along so well. We will definitely miss these two as they head back to Oregon. Tammie and Ted are such easy personalities to get along with we just LOVE having them around to visit with. They both took off this morning for a early morning run. Ted went 20 miles and Tammie went 11 miles through the beautiful American Fork Canyon. What a fun experience for them. It is always hard to say goodbye to those families that we know we won't see for a while. But we sure appreciate the time that they do come to spend with us!