Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 3rd-9th Live Nativity

Dec 3rd Monday - Tonight was the big night of the Live Nativity down by our farm that my cousins put on. Ya know there is simply no better way to get into the Christmas spirit then by going to this amazing nativity. I sure hope everyone envolved knows how much we appreciate them.
This year we were lucky enough to be able to be involved by greeting people around the bomb fire, passing out hot chocolate, and sending them on their way. Bowdee got to help direct traffic. Matia gave out horse rides at our arena to our cousins who came to visit the nativity. Wow this world is filled with wonderful people! I truly feel blessed to know all the wonderful people I do. So many great people stopped to say hi, I am so glad they came to enjoy this wonderful event.
Dec 4th Tuesday - after school and homework was finally over. Matia went horseback riding at the equestrian park with Grandpa, Tayla and Izak. I came home fed my family and then we decorated the Christmas trees when Tia got home. Ya, we are using the little trees this year so it didn't take us long at all. But it feels more like Christmas once we got them decorated with some fun ornaments. Then Terry and Bowdee headed off to basketball practice and Tia Treg and I did a little hand stitching.
Dec 5th Wednesday - This morning I was waiting around for the dishwasher to be delivered to the farm house. So I did a little Christmas shopping, then looking through boxes looking for my scrapbooking software before I lose my mind. Anyway, after they delivered the dishwasher I met up with my dad and we put together the round pen inside the arena so during the winter we can work the horses out of the snow. Look at us go it is starting to look like a real horse ranch.
Tonight Bowdee sang in his Choir Christmas Performance. He doesn't really enjoy singing so I was excited to see him doing it anyway. He did amazing and their choir teacher put on a great performance for us parents. Love you Bowdee, I am so proud of you for doing things you don't really enjoy every once in a while.
Dec 7th Friday - Yesterday was Emilee's birthday so Kami, Mom, Dad and I took her to The Olive Garden for lunch to celebrate. Emilee is such a cute girl, she is a great mom and an awesome friend. I love that we all live close enough to enjoy a lunch together even when life is crazy. I just wish the rest of our family lived this close so we could enjoy the little things with them as well. I never thought our family would be so spread out. Kinda sad if ya know what I mean.
Dec 8th Saturday - We spent the day down at the farm with our McClellan friends, my parents, Kami and her family here and there but we were just mostly in working on the electrical, gas pipes, water piping and sheetrocking. There is still so much to do but once we get this all done it should start going a lot faster. Terry is so amazing the way he figures everything out!
Dec 9th Sunday - Well if you guessed we spent the day down at the farm again you are right. But today we finished up all the electrical, tore down wallpaper, filled in holes, tore down last remaining brace, put up a new brace, and got all the sheetrock up on the walls. So here we go, should be able to start seeing the progress a little better. We came home just intime to watch a movie with the kids and passout at 9:00!