Friday, October 1, 2010

Terry's job situation

So many of you have heard that Terry was to be laid off yet again.... Well it has finally happened in Sept they told him he could start working from home. Then the first of Oct. was his last day. I tell you I am having so much fun having him home I am not even stressing about anything else right now. He has finished building the iron fences to fence in our back yard, built the chicken coop, welded window well covers for so friends who have been patiently waiting for it. He has made all the dinners, cleaned the house, helped get the kids to school, helped with homework, cleaned the garage, completed about a million and one unfinished projects around the house. Have I mentioned I just love having this man around? He has had a few interviews and kept his eye open for jobs. I know when this time comes to an end we will both have adjustments we will have to make. I will sure miss having my mister mom around. So for now we are just loving it all we can!