Wednesday, October 9, 2013

July 1st - July 31th Boulders, 4H Shows, Kami's Wedding, Family Visits, Swim Meets

July was a fun month, although I still can't believe that summer is almost over. This month was filled with going fishing at the Boulders, 4H horse shows, Swim Meets, and Kami got married to Kelvin which brought the whole family to town for a week :)
June 29-July 1st - Boys Fishing Trip to Boulders
Terry and Troy took a quick, yet much needed fishing trip to the Boulders in Southern Utah. I think it is important they get their alone time to talk how boys talk and do how boys do. Terry liked it so much we will be going again as a family very soon!
July 1st - 4H Show
We had a great 2nd Horse show. Although Treg did end up on his back during the speed events. Dang Holly just takes off for the gates and then suddenly stops but he got back on and did it again. And that to me is the most amazing ride of the night!
July 2nd - Horse Riding Lessons Begin
So I had so many friends wanting to put their kids in lessons that I went ahead and hired Kailey to teach the kids during the summer. We were teaching lessons and Tues, Wed and Thurs. and by the end of the summer we had 46 students.
July 2nd - Swim Meet
People ask me how do you commit to swimming everyday in the summer for 1 hour. Isn't that hard on your kids? Well I just think of it as a REALLY really good exercise  for them and how good it is for them all the way around teaching them commitment, hard work, and success! We Love it!

  July 4-7th Camping in the Boulders
So we took a much needed break together as a family. You see life at home is really busy, hard and stressful. We are trying to sell our preschool home, arrange the ranch, riding lessons. There is a lot going on. So taking a step back is just what we need. The hike started like this BEAUTIFUL!
We had a fabulous time. I know you cant see the skies but when we started they were bright blue. This photo is a little later in the day and there are a few clouds. But we were catching fish on the fly rods and the kids were putting them in a homemade pool for some fun and then the big release.
 Then all hell broke loose and the clouds started shifting FAST. We released the fish, gathered our gear, and hit the trail as fast as we could. There was lightning and thunder so close it only made us move like crazy. We made it safely off the mountain but we all were a big, muddy, wet mess.
Our darling kiddos
July 10th - Hike Timpanogus with Clint and Colts families
This is an activity that I have wanted to do with my kids my whole life. I haven't been on this hike since I was Bowdee's age with all my friends and my dad. It was so fun to hike up there with all the kids and their cousins and my brothers and sweet Ephia. It was the PERFECT day with all of them.
July 13th - Kami and Kelvin finally tie the knot!
Yahoo!!! I am so excited for these two. Kami looked so beautiful in her wedding gown. I know she will never know how excited I was for her or how happy I am that she finally made this commitment to her best friend. Love you Kami Jo and Kelvin welcome to the family. Your a great man!
Carriage Ride
The carriage ride was a must for Kami as she was planning the wedding. She wanted her little nieces to be so excited to ride in a horse drawn carriage and then for all the ladies to have the same experience and to arrive at the church for the ceremony. It was amazing!
 Covington's Family
Yep this is our family. It just grows and grows and grows. I have also noticed how with all the different personalities it does get a little trickier to do things all together. But when we are all together it feels complete and right. I love every single person in this family and they all mean so much to me.
July 13 - Adopt Hansel and Poseidon
So I was on cousin watch while the adults went to a movie. Tia and Treg had their eyes on these kittens they saw at Cousin Cari's so I told them all to walk down there and ask if they were giving them away and if they were they could bring them home. Well Cari was more then happy to let us adopt them and the cousins all thought I was the best aunt in the world! WIN WIN
July 14 - Dinner with Lizzie
So Lizzie is a dear dear friend of mine that I met back when I was pregnant with Bowdee. She is like a sister to me, I can talk to her about anything without feel the little bit judged. I know she loves my family like crazy. Anyway she was in for Kami's wedding and we stole her away to the Mountains with our families for a fun campfire and visit. I just keep praying someday she will stick to Utah.
  July 15 - Stormy 4H Show
So this was quite the show. Started out perfect but then it all changed like Utah weather does. To a windy, dusty, slightly rainy event. We were all so proud of Treg for finally making Holly complete the speed events without throwing him off or getting DQ'ed.
July 17th - Swim Meet
So we show up at 4:00 to start warm-up, get our events, claim our blanket size piece of grass as a gathering spot, brand our children with a sharpie of their events, then at 5:00 the meet begins, We are focused on not missing an event as we mingle with friends, then about 8:45 we complete the last event and head home. Yes, it is a long day but they are great!
July 18th - Treg's Scout Day Camp
Sending Treg off for another day camp I can't believe it has already been a year. Treg is starting to get to know the boys in his new troop and feeling like a part of them. He loved the BB shoot
 July 19 - Tibblefork
So the kids were all missing just being with friends and acting like dorks. So we invited Gracie, Shaylee and Lily up to Tibblefork with us to try out the new Sit on to Kayak. They had so much fun dorking around and I had so much fun being in the mountains.
 July 21 - Dad's Birthday party up American Fork Canyon
Today we went up Amerian Fork Canyon for a picnic and campfire for Dad's birthday. Terry and I know how hard it is to get a picnic spot on Sunday's so we went up early to save a spot. Troy was driving by and saw our truck so he stopped and picnicked with us. So much fun Happy birthday Daddy, I truly don't know what I would ever do without you. Your amazing!
July 23 - LanDesk Bee's Game Company Party
No Lagoon this year :( but instead we got a Bee's game with $20 each to buy concessions. Matia couldn't stand the thought of sitting through a full baseball game so she opted out and slept at Daisies why we stole Caden to enjoy the game with us. It was pretty fun and the fireworks were COOL!
July 31 - Last Swim meet
So the kids were pretty excited to have their last swim meet. I am so glad we did it again this year. I love to watch my kids and see how much better they get by the end of the year. We didn't break any records but man my kids sure swim good!