Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 8th-14th Elk Hunt

October 8th Monday - Today I went to Kami's house to help her take a load to DI. I sure love to help out when I am needed I guess I get that from my mom and dad. Then down to the farm right after to get to work. I did some electrical fence stuff for my dad then after a short lunch break with mom dad and Kami it was back to work until 4:30 we worked on tearing down that old shed. All that was left when we got done with it was the 4 big poles at the corners.
At 4:30 Dad and I drove over to Jim's house my uncles and bought his 5400 John Deer Tracter. I don't know how much we will be able to use it on our farm. But I just figured there are certain males in our family that would be creating some good memories on that thing. I still to this day recall sitting on the tractor with my dad just plowing some fields. I remember the smells and dust and the opportunity that I had to just be with my dad. To me it is well worth the $14,000 we paid to have my children create that same memory with their dad and grandpa! Welcome to our family my sweet John Deer!
Then I hussled home to be late taking Bowdee to football which he rode his bike. Make spagetti dinner for the family and burn it as I went to pick Bowdee up. Then we got to Kamis house late for Izaks birthday party. If you don't know me well I hate it when I drop the ball. So being late, burning dinner, missing dropping Bowdee off to football it was just a bad night. At least I got Izak a kitten for his birthday and a nice black shirt. Man I sure love all of my nieces and nephews and I hope they know that!
October 9th Tuesday - Back to the farm right after preschool to finish with that stinking manure barn. So we got there and dad and I went to work loading and sorting good from junk building piles and tossing garbage. I do love working next to my dad, I am constantly amazed at the things he comes up with to get a job done. Like today he was pushing and pulling the railroad ties with the 4 wheeler to move them instead of us breaking our backs. After the pile of crap was cleared he taught me to drive my tractor. I went round and round in circles and Loved every minute of it! Dash followed me around just like he does when I mow the lawn. Silly dog!
October 10th Wednesday - What a fun day! I spent the morning working with my dad trying to get the farm ready for Bowdee and his friends to come down to play night games for his birthday. So then at 6:30 all of Bowdee's friends started showing up. We carpooled them down to the farm and started out riding horses in the arena. It was many of the kids first time riding horses so they got quite the experience.
Then we went out and sat around a campfire roasting hot dogs, enjoying home made rootbeer, and of course followed by smores. The kids all had a good time eating until their bellies were full and they sat around telling campfire stories while waiting for Easton Bowdee's really good friend to show up so they could play night games.
Then it was quick gifts, cupcakes, and night games until 10:30. None of the kids wanted to go home, they all seemed to have a fabulous time. Thank heavens there were no injuries and no lost children. I always get nervous during night games thinking someone will go missing or get hurt. But the party was a GRAND SLAM hit, everyone loved everything about it, I mostly enjoyed the lack of cleanup!
October 11th Thursday - Terry took the day off to try and move the garage down to the farm. We woke up at 6:00 started packing up the garage and then thought before we moved it all down there we better sheet rock it first so we spent $450.00 to get it ready to move into it. We put up sheetrock and installed the cabinets with the help of my good old dad. Of course it took longer then we would have liked but its safer to run a welder among sheetrock then 2x4's. We did take a load down after the sheetrock was up but that was all we had energy for.
October 12th Friday - Today is my sweet sisters 40th birthday! Kami has been there for me every step of the way from my infant years to my mid 30's. We are so different yet we get each other indefinately. With Kami I know I can always be who I am and she will always love and accept me. Kami is so tenderhearted and sweet, I just don't know what I would do without my sis!
We woke up and took all the metal down to the hay barn. I have always been afraid of the day we move because of that garage! Terry has so many talents that without the tools he would not be able to do. So of course it all has to go with us. It wasn't fun to move all that heavy metal but we did it. Then we hurry and packed the trailer to a sweet escape to the mountains for a quick cold elk hunt. Hoping to find some relaxation along the way.
October 13th Saturday - Terry went off and did the morning hunt while we kids slept in. It was one cold camp trip and I can NOT tell you how happy I was that we had our trailer to keep the freeze off of us. It snowed last night so in the morning when it all thawed out it was muddy. So it was messy. We took a drive to Duchesne then by currant creek down (which we saw a REAL porcupine climb a tree)then down through Heber. It was a nice relaxing drive that kept us out of the mud and freezing wind.
We did stop by our favorite fish spot to throw in a line and I caught a 19" cut throat. It is always so hard for me to throw those back in but I let it go. I did get a few more bites but didn't land any more. On the way back to camp we road hunted and saw some elk but they were just far enough away that we couldn't find a spike.
October 14th Sunday - Terry went off for the morning hunt again and had some luck in the truck. He saw some elk and thought one was a spike but they went to the next canyon so he kept chasing them and got really close but they took off like a freight train and they were gone in a flash of an eye. We went on another road hunt and saw a few more but no spike we ended up hiking to the lake at a different spot and had no luck there either. So we tried looking for the kokanee salmon and the kids saw a few.
Then we went back to camp to make Bowdee his peach cobbler cake for his birthday. We taught him how to make it so if he goes camping he will know how to impress the ladies or his friends which ever. That cobbler is so stinking yummy. Then shooting bee-bee guns and chillin under the finally warm sun. It was almost time for the night hunt so we cleaned up camp and headed out to look for more elk. We ended up not seeing anything and heading home around 7:30.