Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept 19-25 Girls Cedar City - Boys Strawberry

Last week I bought the kids the Pass of all Passes and explained to them that if every week they are good and do their homework and don't complain about chores that I would take them to Trafalga to reward them for their hard work. Well here they are they have all been magnificent I think I only had to give them each 1 mark the whole week. They have been getting up to an alarm and doing 15 minute rotations. Piano, reading, and getting dressed all by themselves then we run or ride bikes to school. So here they are starting the week off with a couple hours of together play time at trafalga and loving it.

Tuesday was filled with piano, soccer practice and football practice. But Wednesday now that was a special day. You see Matia's love in life is horses and we have this friend that owns a small pony named Strawberry. She let us go see her last Friday and said Wed we can come back and walk her around the farm. Matia was so excited as you can imagine. She LOVED every minute of it. Thanks Michelle and Dawson for letting Matia enjoy Strawberry!

Treg also had his first Flag Football game on Wed then another on Thurs. They were both fun and Treg loved playing but he said the game on Wed was funner because the boys they played that day were more his level. Treg could really be a great player if he put his mind to it. He is fast and really smart... He watches where the play is going to be and follows so well.

Friday I decided I wanted to take Terry on a date since we wouldn't see each other much this weekend so. Bowdee went to a birthday party, Matia played at Daisy's house and Treg hung out with Grandma. We well we watched the BYU football game, ate out at chickfilet and just talked mostly. I can't tell you how much I just love being with Terry.

Saturday well it started with Bowdee's football game at 10:30, then Tregs soccer game at 11:30, then Bowdee's soccer game at 12:30 then back to Alpine for Matia's soccer game at 1:30! Busy crazy but we love it. They all played really good and then Matia and I hurried home to head out with my mom, Kami and Lakota on a road trip to Cedar City for my nephew Todd's mission farwell.

Todd is an amazing boy. He is funny, sweet, smart and has a way to make you feel like he really cares about you. I don't even know what to call that. But I just LOVE this boy and I know he will learn so much and teach even more out on his mission. I love you sincerly Todd and will be praying for you every night.

The best thing about this weekend (besides todd and angelas amazing talks) was being with my family. It was nice because we were just together nothing much that we felt like we needed to do just chillin sitting around in Kathy and Mikes nice house and talking. I love my family more then they will ever know and I miss them when they are not around! Thanks guys for an amazing weekend.

This weekend I learned a very valuable lesson... As I went with Matia on a girls weekend away... Terry took the boys to Strawberry on a boys weekend away... The only thing Matia brought back was a smile. But the boys talked their dad into getting them a water snake.

I can't tell you how bad I hate snakes and I wonder if just maybe Terry let them get a snake because I wasn't there to tell them no and it was my fault for letting them go alone. So I guess if I want a say in what happens I have to keep those boys in check and follow them everywhere.

The fall colors are changing and beautiful! The elk were calling during the night. The fish were biting. And they had an amazing time. They slept under the stars in the bed of the truck and listened to the cracking branches all night long. They were in heaven and a little part of me wishes I was there. But I am glad they had their bonding time and I got to see my family.

Sue is a darling snake if a snake could be darling. He is really docile and lets the kids pick him up with ease. He never strikes at them and is just curious about everything. So we will see how long this will last but I never thought I would say I live in the same house as a snake but as of now I do. I did tell the kids if the Sue gets out by chance then I will move out of the house until he is found and released outside far from my house. I don't know why but snakes just give me the creeps!