Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 12-18 Matia Dance Treg Gingerbread

Monday night I always look forward to Monday nights. I love that there are no games to go to, no practices of any kind and we get to just chill as a family. So tonight we watched the Christmas Story. I don't think it is the kids favorite but its a classic so we just have to do it every year. And I can tell the older they get the more they like it. We also had popcorn and ice cream to top it off.

Tuesday Bowdee had piano practice with Grandma. He is getting really excited because we are going to a family party where the kids will all be doing their first recital. So he is really loving the piano right now. Then after he went with his friend Annie to go deliver a secret Santa gift to his teacher. She went in for surgery for a preventative against cancer but found out she already has it. So they are really struggling this Christmas. I am so thankful for opportunities that help our kids be generous and thoughtful this time of year.

Wednesday this was our day to go drop off Sub for Santa so we went down to Orem dropped it off then went to Toys R Us to just get some ideas. We are having a hard time figuring out what we can get Matia and Treg this year. They want the same things that they have a hundred of already so we are looking for something unique that they might like. Then of course we just had to stop at Crispy Cremes since we were so close for some yummy fresh donuts.

Thursday Matia had her last dance practice before her dance recital on Saturday. So Terry and the boys dropped her off while I recovered from this morning. You see I came back from working out with Kami and went downstairs to collect all the trash for trash day. When splish splash I was walking through a swamp. I looked in Bowdee's room and it was flooded and out into the hall and my preschool room. Water was filling up his window well and leaking through. I ran outside and the water hose was on and going right into his window.
So Bowdee and Tia worked as a team to bail water out of the window well and I started sucking out water from the basement. Treg was helping me get stuff off the floor and anything else I asked him to do. It was nice to see each of my kids be so willing to help in a time like that. It took me 2 hours of sucking water to get it out.
I stopped because I had my preschool Christmas party that started at 9:30... AUGH!!!! What a mess! All 3 of my preschool parties were perfect the kids all had so much fun and I got some pretty amazing gifts. But right after the party I was right back at cleaning up the swamp in the basement.
What a day, can I just say I am exhausted!

Friday today Treg had his 2nd grade Gingerbread Christmas performance at school. So I went to watch him and that is always so much fun. He did such a great job at his talking parts and he sang so great. It was sad though because he is one of the smallest in his class and he was in the back row so I had a really hard time seeing him. I was that crazy mom moving around trying to see her son. Then Matia came home from school and just wasn't feeling well so she was taking it easy and at 10:00 she woke us up because she was vomiting... Oh boy it was quite the night I don't think she or I slept one blink the rest of the night. It was pretty sad.

Saturday morning Matia still wasn't feeling good. It was so sad to see her so sick she couldn't even hold down a popsicle. So I gave her a little phenergan and by lunch time she was feeling just good enough to go and do her dance. So we tried it and she did great one of those highlight moments that I love (watching my daughter dance on stage).
After we took her to Olive Garden because they had free kids meals and we wanted to show her how much we appreciate her dancing even though it is not her favorite thing to do.

Sunday morning we were suppose to be going to A.J. (my nephews) homecoming and the Covington Christmas party but there was just no way we were going to make it. Treg and Bowdee were starting to feel sick and Matia still wasn't up to par. So we just chilled the rest of the day trying to bounce back from this week full of fun! We were all disappointed to miss my cute nephews homecoming and our family Christmas party... Maybe next year we will make it.