Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nov 12-18th Miss Holly Kay & Sawyer Brown w/ Girls

Nov 12 - Today was a great day and I say that because I felt like I accomplished alot! I woke up early primed the bathroom, got the kids to school, met with Condie Construction for our road to the farm house they are working on, found Terry's boots in our mess of unorganized boxes, fed the animals, came back to the house painted bathroom ceiling, visited a horse farm w/ mom and dad to get some advice, took Terry his boots so he could go hunting, went to IFA, picked up kids, painted bathroom walls, made dinner, and watched Terry hook up the bathroom toilet and sink! I love days like that! I am sure I will sleep well tonight!

Nov 13 - OOPS! So right after preschool I sat down at the computer to update the preschool blog. I had a sudden urge to just check out the livestock and pets on ksl but resisted that urge for about 3 seconds. When all of a sudden I don't know how but it was up on my screen and just 5 minutes before was posted a Beautiful White Well Broke Mare. I clicked on it because the price was not listed and read the ad, this is what it said...

"Mystery has been used for English and Western lessons at a riding school, but we are cutting back on horses and she needs a new home. She is a 22 year old papered grey Quarter Horse. She loves trail rides and would be great for anyone on the trail even as a confidence builder or first time horse. She loads great and is easy to work with. She is calm and cool, crosses water, follows, leads, or stays in the middle. She has done a little of everything. She has no bad habits and is an easy keeper. She gets along well with other horses. She has no special requirements and travels well barefoot. She is up to date on all shots, worming, teeth, and hoof care. Easy to work around an has been used for beginning riders.Very sweet horse, She is on the smaller side at about 15 hands. Give me a call for more information." Here is the clincher "FREE TO GOOD HOME"

After reading that and knowing that we would be able to give sweet Mystery a GREAT home how could I not "Just Call". Well that call turned into an appointment to immediately "Just go look at her". All the way there I told my mom and dad "Ok if she is not just absolutely perfect we are not saying we will take her" They agreed and when it came down to it we all agreed we just couldn't feel good about ourselves if we didn't take her so we told Summer yes we would love to give her a home!

Now the tricky part was telling Terry who had just very firmly told me just 2 days ago when Bowdee's "Little Lady" goat died that we were not to get any live animals until we were living at the farm. But Terry took it like a man. I told him I had fallen in love and he asked "what kind of horse is it and how much did it cost me?" Then I told him all about it then added at the end that if he didn't want to keep it for our family that was ok because my dad wanted to keep her if we didn't. So there you have it he told me how lucky I was that it was for the right price and she was so pretty. But his one stipulation was that we were NOT going to wait until Christmas like I had planned. We were going to give her to the kids right away.

Nov 14th - This was the day to go pick up our horse. I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before. I got up and got my chores done and then went down to the farm and started putting up Christmas Trees with lights on them and decorating her stall. Then Mom, Dad and I drove to Provo to pick up our horse. She loaded in the trailer perfectly and they gave us her papers and instructions and away we went. We stopped by all a dollar for some ribbon and decorations.

Went back to the farm and brushed her and put ribbons in her mane and tail with a holly wreath wrapped around her neck and a big red bow on her chest with a jingle bell. She was so pretty luckily Terry came home just at the right time. Picked up the kids and brought them down to the farm. They walked in the barn, right after giving grandpa and grandma big hugs they all rushed over to see what the Christmas lights were about. Matia was first with the biggest smile on her face that I have ever seen asking "and who is this?"

We saddled her up and took her in the arena. Matia was the first to ride her. She asked if she could lope her and I asked her just to walk her for now. Then Bowdee took a turn he didn't seem like he enjoyed it too much. Then Treg and he was alright with it but would rather me lead her then him just ride her. Of course Matia just had to ride her again and this time she took her into a trot. Mystery wanted to go faster but she kept her at a trot. When I asked what they wanted to name her they all agreed with Matia that Holly was a perfect name. So I added the Miss and Kay to make Miss Holly Kay since her paper name is Miss Boston Kay. And that was our magical night! Thanks Terry, Mom, Dad and Summer for making this all possible.

Nov 15th - Tonight I went to see the new Breaking Dawn part 2 movie with Ang and Tonya my sweet friends. We first went for ice cream and then to the movie. The movie was good although there was a little twist in there that really surprised all of us. But most of all it was just fun to get out and mingle with some fun ladies and relax during the movie. I sure hope these girls know how much I enjoy their friendship.

Nov 16th - Today is a day I have been waiting for since May when I bought 5 tickets to Sawyer Brown. I was so excited to go watch a SUPER GREAT concert with Tonja, Holly, Kami and Emilee. However, Kami and Emilee were not able to go so it was just Tonja, Holly and I. We of course had a great time and it has been since July that I have seen them so it was nice to catch up on each others lives. Sawyer Brown was simply perfect and it was a great concert. After the concert we went dancing at the Rainbow which you know how I feel about dancing!

Nov 17th - We only had one night at the hotel so we woke up went and gambled our free money at the Red Garter came out $30.00 richer and drove back to Tonja's house to spend just one more night. We went shopping and out to eat and then we just decided to get a RedBox and chill to a movie. This is always nice for me because I have been so busy lately that it was nice to just slow down for a bit. Like Tonja has on her wall, "Sit Long, Talk Much and Laugh often!" That is alot of what we do when we are together. Love you girls!

Nov 18th - While I was gone on my weekend away Terry and the kids have been working their guts out on the farm. They got the pantry framed, fencing moved to back yard, and Bowdee's closet cut out. Terry and I are really going to try hard to bust our butts this next week and get as much as we can done while he has time off for Thanksgiving. So that just maybe we might be close by Christmas. We would really like to be able to move in by then, although I am afraid it just won't happen. Thanks for all the work you did while I was playing, I love you babe!