Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept 17-23 Here we go!

Sept 17th Monday - So we have had the keys to our new farm for 1 week now and it feels like we haven't got much done. The civic is still broke down, basement plumbing still partially done, but we got all the carpet, blinds, carpet tack board, and cabinets out of the house then today Terry and I went down to tear down the wall separating kitchen from living room. So it is starting to feel like we are getting alot accomplished.

Sept 18th Tuesday - Today at lunch Terry went to dump my dads dump trailer because it was full of garbage from the house. Then after preschool I went down to meet with the propane installers. It took them a while to get there so I helped Terry pack the dump trailer so he could go dump it. (Which by the way was 1800 lbs of garbage). Then I finished taking trip and tacking off, swept, and cabinets out. While the propane guy did his thing. Terry got his part for the car and he put that together and it WORKS!

Sept 19th Wednesday - With me being off work I decided to go back to the farm to bleach the floors today. Not a particularly fun job but one that needs to be done before we retexture. So I guess the only way to get it done is to do it. Then I got a little antsy and went out to the stable with the pressure washer and went at it to surprise Terry. It looks much better on the outside still alot to do on the inside here is a before and after to give you an idea.

Sept 20th Thursday - What a busy day we have planned so we will be doing more plumbing in the basement and more packing boxes for me. I started Matia with a new dance company this year. It is a dance competition team with her friends Emeree and Maddie. She seems to really like it and she is excited to start performing. I just love watching her dance around! It makes me dance in my heart!
I try not to really dance cuz then that embarrasses her!

Sept 21st Friday - Today I packed more boxes, I know it sounds like that is all I do lately and that is what it feels like but oh well all this stuff has to be sorted. Then when Terry got home I shared some jalapeno poppers with him... My sister bought me this sweet ranch warming gift (which is a pioneers cookbook) so this was the first thing I have made out of it and it was AMAZING, Terry thanked Kami a million times over. After we enjoyed the poppers went down to the basement and finished the rough plumbing.

Sept 22nd Saturday - So my friend called me last week and asked if we wanted kittens for the farm. Well ya we did to get the mice of course, anyway I surprised the kids with kittens today. They are slightly wild so it will take lots of love to warm them up. Yes, these are the first cats we have owned since I moved away from home. Should be a fun adventure. But yes every farm needs a few OUTSIDE cats to keep the mice away.

After we went and picked up the kittens Terry and I went shopping for the farm house. We bought $325.00 worth of lumber, doors, and stuff. Yes this is just the beginning of lots of money to spend. Then we went down and unloaded it, and mom and dad Covington surprised us with lots of energy and ready to work. So mom and I worked on tearing out more kitchen flooring. Dad and Terry worked on tearing down more walls. It was a fun day but I loved the little surprise Yellow Rose on my rose bush at the farm!

Sept 23rd Sunday - We started in the basement by pouring concrete over the rough plumbing and it feels so good to have that part done! Then Terry and I went shopping to get more stuff for the farm just like I said yesterdays 325$ was just the beginning today it was $250.00 more. But it will be worth it someday. Then we went down to the farm and my friend Mindy and her kids showed up to surprise us and check out the slow progress. We finished the flooring HOORAY! And started electrical for the new bedroom.