Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

I have to say I just love Halloween I love the dressing up, trick or treaters, parties and of course the candy. This year Treg wanted to be a devil which was perfect because I had the costume from Bowdee a few years back. Matia also wanted to be a devil and wanted her friend Daisy to match so I made their costumes. Bowdee wanted to be a Pimp. So I made his costume as well. Then Terry dressed up as a Unemployeed Bum for his friends Party and then as Darth Sideous for Halloween Night which we had the black Gown he just painted his face. Friday the games began, then we went trunk or treating, and to the Haunted Hallways at the High School, got to help at Tregs school party,
Clue Party at Hansen's, Football Movie Party,

Carved Pumpkins, Ordered our Jack-o-lantern Pizza,then invited friends to our house as a trick or treating headquarters. I stayed and gave out candy waiting for all my previous and current preschoolers. I just love seeing them each year. Then our friends and dear family stayed until around 11 just talking, laughing and eating more candy. I do love it!

Kristi's First Deer Hunt

This year Bowdee and I got our hunters safety together. Then it came time to put in for a hunt. Well I put in along with Terry and I was the only one to draw out. This year the hunt became a 3 day hunt. Crazy I really don't expect to get something in such a short time. Anyway, Terry acted as my guide and we went out Sat night on the first day to Sunshine Canyon. We missed the morning hunt because we had 3 soccer games Bowdee's football game and Tregs basketball game which Terry was coaching.
The hunt that night sucked because there was a really low fog and you couldn't see a thing. So the next day Bowdee babysat and we went to Hickman we left at 6:00 and it was raining up a storm! We got soaking wet and hiked a good little hike for a great look out and saw nothing. So we headed back to the truck and stripped off all our wet gear! The only thing not dripping was our fleece thermals. We ate lunch took a nap and then was forced to road hunt that night because we didn't have anything dry to hunt it. Well we saw a bunch of doe that night and Terry saw one deer take off running like crazy but we couldn't be sure it was a buck.We came home that night and got the kids to school the next day. Then we headed to Ophir Canyon I really liked this hunt other then Terry had an interview at 3:00 so we had to cut our hunting short and go back for that. Then after the interview we just had to hit the night hunt so we RUSHED back to Ophir and up the canyon as fast as we could. We didn't see any buck but we Loved the hunting options. I am still having problems getting my gloves off, gun out of the case, load a bullet in the chamber, then finding the deer in the scope in a timely manner. Terry is getting awful frustrated with me. But he has had years of experience and he is learning with me how to make this teaching someone to hunt a fun thing not a nightmare. So officially my hunt was over unless you hunt a small section of area with just 2 days left. So Tuesday was out because I had to teach preschool from 9-2 then we had dance and football that night. So Wed morning was our last chance so after we got the kids to school we took off again. This time up AF Canyon which I just love that canyon but didn't expect to get anything off that mountain. So we headed up on 4 wheelers for a beautiful ride up the morning quiet canyon toward Mineral Basin. Right up the hill after a long drive Terry spotted a 2 point and by the time I degloved, uncased the gun and loaded the bullets it was gone. So we hiked up trying to track it and get one more chance we didn't see it again.
Personally between us I was beginning to think Terry was seeing things. We drove around until 2:30 then I had to get back for Activity Days and to get the kids for school and another Bball game. We didn't see anything but a moose and her calf, lots of doe, and some gorgeous views the rest of the hunt. But it was nice and now we just have to clean up from the last week of hunting! So to make a long story short my hunt was unsuccessful!