Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aug 15-21st Granite Flats Townsend Reunion

With soccer practices and football practices we really didn't do to much during the week. Such a fun week I also go a little crazy with the house to try and get it ready for back to school. Which makes no sense but its just the way I am. Then on Friday as soon as Terry got out of work we headed up to Granite Flats up AF Canyon to enjoy a weekend with the Townsend family.

It would have been nice to have mom and dad Townsend there a little longer but when duty calls I guess you better listen. But Troys, Taleshas, Taras and our family had fun playin in the reservoir and eating lots of birthday cake.

Man it really makes me realize how little we see our family and wish we did it more often. My nieces and nephews are getting SO big! But it seems like everytime we get together Terry's family has to remember just how crazy and silly he can get. We sure missed Cindy, Tammie and Tonia's families! Maybe next year, just maybe!

We decided to camp at Granite Flats so that if anyone had to work we were close enough for them to jump down while everyone kept camping. Well turns out I HAD to take Bowdee for football weigh's on Saturday morning so it was nice to be so close. And man that campground is beautiful up there. I think next year we will start planning for the group site up there that is a way cool one!

The morning that we woke up to leave we noticed we were attacked by a real bear... Well my friends (Ton & Holls) crazy as they are broke into the campground found our campsite, then decorated it with bear footprints, and suprises for my birthday. Talk about crazy!