Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct 19-31 Halloween

Thursday was my preschool halloween parties. I just love this day because I get to see all my preschoolers dressed up in their favorite costumes.
Then when they come we walk to the Price's Haunted House to see all the scarey props. Then back to preschool for trick or treating to each other, cookie decorating, halloween games and just a day of fun!
I hope all the kids had a good time because I know I sure have fun every time I see their smiling faces!
Friday Terry and Troy took off for some more deer hunting up Strawberry area. So me and the kids ate a easy quick dinner and carved our pumpkins! Bowdee and Matia carved theirs all by themselves and Treg did it all but the mouth. I never thought I would be this close to having all my kids carve their own pumpkins.

They even did 2 pumpkins each! Our pumpkins didn't get planted in time (moms fault) so they were all mostly green so that is why we had to paint them this year. It was a fun new experience for us. Terry had a good time with Troy but no luck on the buck.

Saturday we woke up bright and early for Tregs 8:30 basketball game. This was his first game of the year so he was getting back into the swing of things. His team lost their game but Treg made one of the 2 baskets made by their team and he was even fouled on his shot BIG time! Then Kye came over to pump Bowdee up for his semi-final game in the championships against Lehi-Coopers team. He spent 2 hours going over moves and football talk then cranked some crazy hard music and had him hitting the dashboard on the way to warm up trying to light his fire.
What a good uncle to make time for his nephew and to care so much.... WOW... Our team could have won but they just have a hard time getting their heads in the game to start. They just never seem to play until the 2nd half this year. Which is exactly what they did. Lehi was up 12-0 before we even opened our eyes. Then we came back in the second half and nearly tied them but just couldn't quite land that last touchdown.
Lehi won and we ended our season today. It was sad to see it go we really enjoy watching Bowdee and his team play. They have an AMAZING coaching staff that really know what they are doing. I just can't tell you how impressed I am with each one of his 7 coaches they are some wonderful people. Men I feel privelaged to have Bowdee be influenced by. Thank you to everyone for all you did this year.

After the game I invited my nieces and nephew to sleep over. This is always fun to do because they all get along so well (most of the time anyway). They made crafts, watched Rio, played games, dressed up and ate pizza then when it was time for bed they all went down just like that...

Kami and I had Lakota babysit for about an hour while we went to our friend Claytons costume party. Kye and Emilee were there all dressed up. I think that is the main reason we went was so we could see what they were going to be they kill me especially with those fake cigarettes. Then Clayton walked in and was looking me straight in the face and with his mustache and new hair do I had no idea who he was.... All in all it was a fun short night.

Sunday we had a nice relaxing day filled with church, movies, wii games, and last minute costume preparations. I can't say I remember the last day we had where we just took the day off in figure of speech. Terry saw one little 5" spike and passed him up twice afraid he wasn't legal and then made it home empty handed around 8:30, but he and his brother had a great time just being away from it all.

Oh how I love Halloween! I love waking up and seeing all the costumes come together. I love to see Terry's art work on my kids faces. I love to see the excitement in their eyes. This year Bowdee had a really hard time figuring out what he wanted to be. Then he saw our clown wig that has been at the bottom of the wig box for years just waiting to be worn and cabamo it hit him his really good friend Annie is afraid of clowns so that is what he wanted to be just to freak her out.... So last Wed I made this costume for him.

Matia saw this costume and fell in love with "the pink lepard". I couldn't find the same fabric so we just went and bought it for her. I think this is the first costume I have ever purchased for any of my children. It was nice to have it in the bag with everything it needed since the first of Oct. Just waiting for Halloween night.

Treg thought about recycling Bowdee's Neo costume but then he saw these awesome chaps and vest I made for Bowdee years ago and he knew what he wanted to be. So yes I made his as well just not this year. I also stressed about getting him spurs when in reality he didn't need them but Kye helped me out with them by welding some chain to these cheap ones I bought!

So as soon as I dropped them off to school I ran and got Bowdee the "Right Scarey Teeth" and then back to school for their 1st Halloween Parade. I loved it! It was so organized and fun to see all the creative costumes. Then I came home cleaned got dressed up and hussled back to school to help with Matia's classroom party. I love being involved and going to meet all the kids in her class and see the ones she talks about and put a face to their stories. What a fun party we had with a minute to win it theme.

Back home for a second a little more cleaning and getting ready for the night time Halloween Fun. Then back to school to pick up the kids and head for Doug Smith Auto for Trunk or Treating. We love to go and get the Free kids meals from Olive Garden!

Picked up our traditional Jack-o-lantern pizza. Had dinner visited with mom and dad which was nice to see them again after their long trip to Washington. I was starting to worry that they would forget to come home. But they made it. :) Then we let the party begin.

Bowdee, Izak, Annie, and Adi wanted to go trick or treating alone this year so we sent them on their way with a phone and lots of rules to obey. We didn't see them again for hours! But man they sure had lots of fun!

The rest of the night was pure K-oss with me here to man the trick or treating so I wouldn't miss any of my darling students who came to see me. I didn't get a photo of Troy with his girls before they ran off on a dead run trick or treating so here are his girls with the other girls.
The Garricks cute family with the Peaceful Darth Vador, Corpse Bride, Vampire, In Mate, and Batman. They are all so fun Fisher just kept saying I have enough candy I just want to go play at Kristi's now.
Kyles Darling family all dressed up as Creapy Dolls, Beetle Juice Guy, and a Nice Witch. Emilee sure knows how to throw together a darling costume. She should be a Halloween costume counselor. Thanks for coming you guys are so fun.
Kami just had to get back to the 80's for one night, Izak couldn't go without being a Ute's Fan, and Lakota was the cutest green skittle I have ever seen. Kami is always great for a party she brings the music and tons and tons of energy! We love you Kami thanks for sharing Halloween with us.

Kami, Troy, Kyle, Emilee, Amy, Chad and Terry came and left running kids here and there, snacking on chips and veggies and just having a good time. I loved every minute of it and I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends to me and my family. In this photo you have Troy, Kyle, Terry, and Chad. The boys were so sick of all the photos I just had to take they might not come back next year. :( But I hope they all do!

Then at 9:00 the house became quiet as our friends took their sugar rushing kids home and our passed out from pure exhaustion. It was less then 5 minutes after their heads hit the pillows that we heard the quiet hum of sleeping children. Man I love Halloween Night!