Monday, November 5, 2012

Oct 29th - Nov 4th Halloween Week

Oct 29th Monday - Today I spent the whole day in the basement organizing our new living space. It is fun to have the opportunity to live in the basement before we move. It is so rewarding after all that work we have put into finishing this place to get to enjoy it. Then I took a load to di, went to the farm to feed animals, grocery store then back home to cook my family their favorite meal "Fried Chicken" while Terry put up sheet rock in the bathroom.
Oct 30th Tuesday - Man I will sure miss teaching preschool, I love this day when we have our party and all my little friends come dressed up and ready to share treats with their friends. Of course I was a witch again, some may say that is not really dressing up for me... And truth be told that may be more correct then they think. Matia had her dance Halloween party and she just looked so cute in her black cat costume!
Luckily we had enough time to carve pumpkins! The kids did them all by themselves... Don't they look fab!
Oct 31st HAPPY HALLOWEEN - What a fun day filled with the kids Halloween parade at school, picking up Halloween Pizzas for dinner, then back to the school for Tregs Halloween party, pick up the Jr. High boys, then back home to make sure all the costumes are not missing any pieces.
Then of course we have to have time to enjoy our annual Jack-O-lantern Pizza and touch up our makeup, find our trick or treat bags, call our friends to make plans.
Then off they go a Trick or Treating. Probably Bowdee's last year, we figure next year on the farm we will throw a great big Halloween party for those that don't want to trick or treat, but this year we just can't. I am just so thankful that my kids have good friends to go with that I can trust them with. Terry had to work late so he didn't even get to see them before they left. I had a sore throat and have absolutely no energy to go even if the kids did want me to go with them. Since Tia and Treg deemed this the year they would trick or treat alone, I was left to my own misery. It was kinda sad to see them go off and leave me behind. Don't get me wrong I am glad to be raising such independent children who are trustable but kinda sad they don't need me much anymore. They did say there was a headless horseman out there that I wish I could have seen. But Kami came over to keep me company so I wouldn't get too lonely until Terry came home. So it was a fun safe Halloween night which was topped off by a marvelous waffle delivered by our sweet Mark Harris... Man we are going to miss our neighbors like him.
Nov. 1st Thursday - Wow, today I was suppose to take my friend to lunch for her birthday but we were both so sick that we stopped by for a milk shake then went home for a nap before our children got home from school. I can't tell you the last time I took a nap and I was out for almost 3 hours. Luckily I woke up just in time to go get Bowdee from school. Then it was off to piano lessons, making dinner, cleaning the house, homework, dance, and sheet rocking the basement bathroom some more when Terry got home.
Nov. 2nd Friday - Finally it is Friday! Not that we are going to get much of a break this weekend. We hope to get the washer and dryer hooked up and the bathroom sheet rocked and mudded so we can finish that and then finally get working on the farm house. I enjoyed a yummy lunch with my sweet Angela & Tonya, I just don't get to see these ladies enough. After lunch we went on a field trip to the farm to show them what I have gotten myself into.
Nov. 3rd Saturday - We woke up early to my sweet sister in law calling to invite Bowdee to go the the Utes game with her dad at 11:00. When Bowdee woke up and I told him he was so excited he could barely focus on getting his chores done so he could go. But he did it and he went and man they had a great time. He said it was so cool that he could barely stand it! Dunn made a new NCAA record of 4-100 yard kick off returns during this game. Wolfman (aka John White IV) one of Bowdee's favorite players had a great game, along with all the other team members for a 49-6 victory over Washington.
I wasn't feeling well so while Terry worked on the tile I watched part of the game. Late Emilee and Kye came over to watch it with us and man I just love being with these people. Poor Terry hates it when I don't feel well because then he doesn't have his wing man to help him out which makes him more productive. So he got the 1st coat of mudding done yesterday and then the self-leveling flooring on so we can tile tomorrow.
Sunday morning Terry woke up and jumped right onto laying the tile and I made a mean french toast breakfast. By 12:00 the tile was laid and we were on our way to the farm to get some work done there. We put the kids to work doing miscellaneous things here and there, I was cleaning the garage, Terry started working on framing Bowdee's bedroom when Kyle called to see if he could give us 3 more workers.
So he dropped off his girls then Troy showed up with his 3 girls so we had 12 extra hands to work. And not one of them complained. We had them driving the 4 wheelers through the fields pulling big rocks out of the dirt. Then hauling stuff from the garage to the hay barn. Man I love to see these kids working. Now I realized why my dad and mom loved watching us work as a kid.
Of course I remember after getting all my chores done playing on the farm was so fun because there was a million things to choose from. Well these 9 kids chose to rake then jump into a pile of a million leaves! So ya I love to see our cousins playing so well and having a good time just as much as I like to watch them work together. We finally got all the door locks changed and door jams fixed! We are making progress slowly but surely!
6:42pm with daylight savings the sunsets pretty quickly these days. So we called it a night hit Wendy's on the way home for a super healthy dinner of chicken sandwiches, potatoes and chili then to the basement to watch "We bought a zoo" together. Then to turn it off brush our teeth and put this weekend to bed. Ready for another week of homework, piano, chores, and happy memories! Thanks for the beautiful photo Bowdee.