Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 21-27 Thanksgiving Weekend

Tuesday I had my preschool Thanksgiving Feast's. I have all the kids bring something to share for our dinner and then we say what we are thankful for and eat a big feast, play games, read books and just enjoy each others company. I am always so amazed at these kids and how much love they have for life.

Wednesday the kids were out of school "YIPEE" so I got up early did a few errands then came back to get the kids and take them to Trafalga to hang out with their friends. We ate lunch a Chick-f-let which I think everyother family in the valley had the same idea.. took the kids to piano then I headed off with the girls to go watch "Breaking Dawn". It is always so much better to watch with people that want to watch it and not a husband I am forcing to watch. Then the kids had a late night with friends while Terry and I put up the basketball standard. What a job that was!

Thursday woke up early again cleaned like crazy with the help of my sweet husband it wasn't bad at all. Then before we knew it the house was busting at the seams with family everywhere. This was the first year we held a Townsend Thanksgiving not at mom and dads. I think it was nice for them not to stress about kids into everything. And here it wasn't too bad especially with the beautiful weather so nice for the kids to go outside and play. We ended up with 34 people and I think everyone enjoyed it.

After dinner dad pulled out the old 8mm home videos to show the kids what movies were like back when we were kids and to show them a little of what the Townsends were like when they were small. We had some good memories, laughs and light chit chat, we went through the ads. And before you knew it the house was silent once again. I am so thankful this year for my beautiful 3 children and their wonderful healthy bodies and especially sweet spirits. I just don't know what life would be like without them. They make me so happy and then their dad he is another blessing in my life. Even though at times we have a hard time seeing things the same way, sometimes thats good because it opens my eyes to other opinions.

Man I just love my family! "You are the poem I dreamed of writing, the masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest of life fulfilled. You are my child. Now with all things I am blessed." I noticed this poem on pintrest and I loved it. Just how I feel about my children.

Friday I woke up early... even though there wasn't anything really exciting in the ads for black friday I just didn't want to be left out. So I hit Smiths at 5:30 and got some towels, fingernail polish, and socks for half price. Then went to Walmart and got a Christmas movie for the kids and candy canes thinking we would start setting up Christmas when I got home... Got home at 6:30 and wow Black friday was over for me.

Saturday we put up Christmas lights outside. This year we took out every other white light and put in red ones. I LOVE IT! The kids were such big helps and Terry was amazingly patient. Not that he isn't always but he was extra-sweetly-patient. That took it out of us and we were done so we went to Smiths to grab a few more lights and called it quits for the night.

Sunday we decided the fish were calling to us so we got our crap together and headed up to Deer Creek... Got there and OOPS we forgot no dogs allowed at that reserviour so we kept on going up to Strawberry. Which I am glad we did. The fishing was good better then usual but not the best. Then about 4:00 this little car pulls up and they were knocking them dead...

The guy calls us over and sets us up with his trick! Bowdee caught 3 fish which he never catches fish so other then being cold from playing in the snow with Treg and Dash he was loving it. At about 6:00 we called it quits and had to head back to the real world again. It is just so nice to take a break every once in a while! We caught 16 fish and only one of them was under 17". I caught the biggest one at 21"! Man I love fishing!

We had a few crazy catches. Crazy number one: I lost my complete setup after getting a bite. I tied on another swivel, sinker, leader, hook and casted back out. Five minutes later, I got another bite and reeled in my line. To my amazement, I had hooked the swivel of my old broken setup and reeled in the fish on the old setup. Talk about lucky, those trebble hooks and sinkers and swivels are expensive now a days )

Crazy number two: I caught the setup of someone else. I thought I had hooked someones old boot, but it was a big chunk of sea weed and a dead 20" cut.

Crazy number three: I got a bite and went to reel in and I was all tangled up around my reel, so I had to break my line and pull in my line by hand. My work paid off, I landed a whoppin 4" crayfish.

Crazy number four: One of our cuts had a crooked body by the tail. I thought it might be whirling disease? It wasn't above the cut, so I let it go. I was a little nervous because I didn't have a proclamation and I didn't know the rules if you caught a fish with whirling disease.