Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 3-9th Elk Hunting Strawberry

Monday - I am a true believer in teaching your family to work together, play together and succeed together. So for FHE this week we went out and sealed the cement on our garage. Of course the kids would rather be playing together but I honestly think playing together is not something we lack. After our work was done we came in for a nice treat and went to bed early. :) I do like it when we get to bed on time. Which right now on time would be 9:00.

Wednesday - What a fabulous day today I had the opportunity to meet my sister, bro-in-law, and nephew for lunch before he went into the MTC. Todd is such an amazing person. I guess I can't call him a kid anymore even though he seems to have grown up way to fast. I love this kid so much. He is always in a great mood. He would give the shirt off his back for you and man is he smart. He is going on the Oklahoma City mission. I was told it is the mission next to the only true mission which is the OTC (Oklahoma Tulsa Mission). I have always known Todd would do great things in his life and I honestly believe this is just the beginning. Thank you Kate and Mike for letting me intrude on such a special time in your life with Todd. I love you Todd forever and ever.
If you don't understand this, you will in a few years...

When asked by a young patrol officer "Do you know you were speeding? This 83-year-old woman talked herself out of a ticket by stating..."Yes, but I had to get there before I forgot where the heck I was going."

Pretty sad but I COMPLETELY understand this lady.

Thursday - I know I have told you this before but I truly believe I have the best job in the world. I just love being a preschool teacher. I love all the different kids I have, I love their cute personalities and their fun demeanor's. Today we went on a field trip to the fire station and I learned so much. That was such a fun field trip Fireman Josh did a great job informing the kids of what a fireman does. And the parents are all so wonderful to come along and help out and drive kids there and take photos. I just am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people big and small!
Saturday - We spent the day on 4 different game fields. First was Bowdee's last regular season game against the other team tied for 1st place. We went through the whole game with no points either way. So then each team had a chance from the 10 yard line to punch it in. And Lone Peak came out on top. :( So it was a close game and now we are off to the championships in 2nd place.

Then it was Tregs Soccer game so we headed to that game and man he is fun to watch play. He really has a great focus on the game. He has lots of hustle and loves to play. This is his cute team and man are they GREAT! My mom and dad came to watch him play and they were so impressed with the whole team already knowing positions and everything...

Matia's soccer game was next and this is her or should I say our team. I helped coach again this year which is always a fun experience. Matia is a tough player as well she is not afraid to get in there and fight for the ball. Her team has gone undefeated this year. They did tie one game but won all the others. What a GREAT bunch of girls!

Bowdee's soccer game was last so at least he had a break in between games. He also played with a sore throat which is never fun. So grandma and grandpa made it from the 10:30 football game until the very end at 3:30 what great supportive parents they are. My niece Karrilyn even made it through 2 of the games which is impressive.

Right after Bowdee's soccer game Terry and I took off to go on the elk hunt. We went up Strawberry over to White river where we camped with Clayton Cook, his sister Amber and Lund. What a great group of kids. I know they are not kids anymore but its hard to admit because then I have to admit I am not a kid since I am older then them all... We got there just in time for the night hunt so Terry and I went off the hillside of camp and talked to the elk back and forth but never saw anything.

We slept in the back of the truck it was COLD but we were warm all night long. I had a hard time falling asleep but once I did it was 5:30 before I knew what happened. I just laid there trying not to move and wake anyone up. We all got out of bed around 6 and hit the trail. Terry and I hiked 1&1/2 hours in to Center Canyon Willow Creek area sat for a while and then headed back we didn't see anything but sheep, coyote, badger, and a big bird. After hiking 8 miles and 3&1/2 hours we were disappointed enough to ditch hunting and try fishing.
The fishing was slow so I took a nap in the bed of the truck after a nice warm stew lunch.
Terry woke me up after about 2 hours with a fish in is hands and a smile on his face. So I jumped out of bed and had to catch me a fish as well. We both came home with nice 15" trouts, sore bodies, and revived spirits. I just can't tell you how much I love Terry without him I wouldn't be the person I am. He keeps me going that is for sure!