Monday, April 4, 2011

Tonia's 3rd Campfire

So ever since Tonia's passing we have tried to get as many of her siblings as we can to go out to Israel Canyon and build a campfire. Then we just build our relationships and talk of the good ol' times. Tonia is often the conversation piece. So this year Troy, Talesha, Tara and our families made it Friday night.

It's amazing how fast time goes by. It seems every year this time of year early spring I start thinking about Tonia and wishing I could just call her on the phone and see how she is doing. I miss her long talks, talks that would hit just about every topic. I loved calling Tonia because I never feared I wouldn't know what to say. She was always so concerned and interested in my kid and family. I don't know if my thoughts turn to her because her birthday is on the 2nd of April or if it is the time she returned home.. Whatever the reason I sure miss that girl. She taught me alot about how to love people unconditionally no matter what trial they were struggling with. She taught me to always make sure you are giving more then you are receiving. Love you sis!

It was a wonderful night. Perfect to be exact. The view of the lake and the city lights. The clear sky full of stars. The warm weather was nice. The kids all played and got along and nobody got hurt. It was a great celebration. Thanks Troy, Tara and Talesha for coming and making it possible.

Zoo Fieldtrip w/ Treg

I love going on fieldtrips with my kids. In 1st grade they always take them to the Hogle Zoo. I have gone with all my kids on this fun fieldtrip and loved everytime I have gone. So it was finally Tregs turn we had 4 other boys in our group and we had alot of fun. I think their favorite part was having their own maps.

They also loved the playground which totally stressed me out because I think all the other kids in the whole zoo were there and it was impossible to keep my eyes on 5 different boys who were constantly headed in different directions.

But all in all we had a fabulous time. All the boys said they loved the bus ride up there although one of the boys mentioned he wished they had seat belts. It just felt wrong to him not to be wearing one.... Love it! Thanks Treg for letting me come on your adventure!