Monday, April 30, 2012

April 16-29

Yes life is getting away from me lately and I haven't had time to blog lately so I will briefly let you know what we have been up to. Soccer is still the sport of our lives lately however, baseball is coming in to take over. All the kids are signed up and practices have begun. We haven't begun games yet but they are not to far away in the future. So our weeks are ever so busy, but every minute of it I do enjoy.
Friday Treg's class was going on a field trip to the Bean Museum at BYU and to the park and library. I have been able to do this field trip with all the other kids so of course I got to go with Treg's class too. I had to drive separate because they didn't have enough space on the bus which was fine because on the way home they got in a little fender bender so they got home pretty late. But it was fun nonetheless to spend a day with my last 2nd grader. How time flies it sometimes makes me sick to think before I know it Bowdee is going to be in Jr. High and my baby will be in 3rd grade. I have sure enjoyed their younger years. Oh and by the way I really didn't mean to wear a UofU shirt to BYU campus... OOPS!
On the 20th Terry went with the scouts on a fishing campout to Deer Creek. I told the other scout leaders that if they were looking for some fishing secrets I was the one they should be inviting but they took Terry along anyway. They had a good time catching fish and teaching the boys to clean them. I hear that Wade made a mean breakfast in the morning.
They got home around 6:00 and I really wanted to go fishing... I mean it just isn't fair that Terry went without me. So even though Terry and Bowdee were exhausted I drove them up to Strawberry to sleep in my little brothers new trailer with his family and then spend the next day fishing. Our friends Clayton and Brett met us up there and they were the ones that caught the most fish. But it was a good time just sittin on the shore watching the kids catch crawdads and listening to Terry read to us some Patrick McManus Stories. What a nice day!