Thursday, February 17, 2011

What do I do?

So I get alot of people asking me what I do with all my spare time since my kids are all in school now. So I teach preschool on Tues and Thurs which takes all but about 5 minutes before the kids come home... Then on Mondays I recover my home from the weekend of madness and playtime. I also do most of my errands on Monday, at least I try. Wednesdays I try to spend a couple hours scrap booking or organizing family videos then I usually have a list waiting for me like I did today... This was the list I wanted accomplished before the kids came home.
Do my moms hair
Pick up med at Target
Return pants at Old Navy
Make Flaming Gorge Reservations
Make Yellowstone Reservations
5 Loads of Laundry
Clean Carpets
Clean Terrys Car
Fill up Car Gas
Costco for groceries
Make covers for ice fishing sleds
Spring Clean bedroom and bathrooms
Put in for deer hunts
Update Blogs
Prepare new month preschool
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
(I had all but about 2 of those items done before the kids came home.)
Fridays are the days I do what I want weather I go out to eat with friends. Go walk around some store. Or end up finishing that to do list I was working on. So I guess I am just trying to say life has a way of keeping me busy. Very rarely I have a moment where I wonder what can I be doing. But I wouldn't have it any other way I enjoy being busy and I go crazy when I feel like I have accomplished nothing. This is not something I admire about myself. I truly wish I could sit still and just enjoy watching what is happening around me. And sometimes I do... Those times are when we are ice fishing, camping, snowboarding, boating... You get my drift but when I am at home I am busy... There are moments where I will take a time out and play WebKinz.. Yes this is my latest craze which is fading but I love the pizza game and Atlantiles they just help me to slow down. Crazy how life just happens.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I love Valentine's day every year, it is the same every year but the whole day is just special to me. It goes like this I wake up to new flowers from Terry with some kind of sweet surprise. Then I decorate the table and make pink heart shaped pancakes, wake up the kids with a sweet kiss and hug and happy Valentines day.

Then send them off to school dressed in red or pink with their Valentines in hand. Tia usually has some kind of a heart shaped into her hair one way or another. Then I stay home and bake cookies and package them up for later door bell ditching which the kids just LOVE.
Then I go and help out at one of the kids classroom parties. This year it just happened to be Bowdee's year. He wanted me to have them play the heart stacking game, but since they are getting older I made them do it using straws. It was just fun to be there watching them interact with each other.

After school was homework, piano lessons for Bowdee, Gymnastics for Treg and Tia, then swimming with friends for Bowdee and lessons for Treg and Tia. Door bell ditching on our way home to our heart shaped pizza from $5 Buck Pizza (although I can't recommend because this year it was GROSS).

Then we opened some small gifts and Valentines from each other. Then headed in to stay up late (which mom doesn't allow very often on school nights 9:30 that was pushing it) to watch Guardian of Ga'hoole. Which the kids just loved. So it was the perfect Valentines day one filled with love all the way around. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Brighton Snowboarding

After spending all day Saturday at Basketball games and in the basement running wire through some itchy insulation. We decided it was time to get outside. So Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Everytime I even get near the mouth of the canyon I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. It takes me back to the year Kami and I worked at Solitude (as you know a great time in my life). So needless to say we were all happy as can be. We got up there before 10 and had so much fun the rest of the day. Except at lunch time as we were sitting there drinking hot chocolate and eating whatever we had (since we forgot our lunches at home) we notice how pink we were all getting... OOPS mom forgot the sunscreen. So we went up for just a couple more runs then cut out 1/2 hour early because I didn't want to get into to much trouble for neglecting my children. I promise you one thing next time I will be more prepared. I think I was just so excited to get up there that I forgot all about reality. It was a great day and the kids did wonderful for their first time boarding this year. Matia is officially all on her own. We need to work on her toe edge a little more. Treg is doing fabulous all though all he wanted to do was go off the jumps and do tricks like he does on his X-box game SSX-Tricky. It didn't helpe that the lift went right over the half pipe and skate park. We just told him he has to keep practicing so he can get good enough to do those tricks without hurting himself. What is scarey is I see him having the guts to do those tricks and it won't be long! I will be closing my eyes and saying lots of prayers when the tricks start. If ya look really close this is Bowdee going off a jump getting some serious air. Ya like I said not to far away. It was so fun though to be enjoying one of my favorite things to do with ALL of my family! And seeing that they really enjoy it as well. Life is good today!