Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nov 1-30 - Treg & Kristi fly to Minnesota, Football closing, Missy Lou, Bowdee's art, Hunting, Daisy has 9 puppies, GNO, Mesquite, Thanksgiving,

Nov 1-4th For Gabes birthday all he wanted was his cousin Treg to fly out to stay with him for a little. So I made the big sacrifice to go with Treg to escort him since he has never flown before. We had a great time while we were there. Treg and Gabe did so much playing on their own that we rarely saw them. I am so thankful for their friendship.

That is one thing I really miss from my childhood. I wish I had close cousins that we had friendships from the beginning. I liked my cousins but we were never close friends. So hopefully this friendship lasts throughout time.

I had a great weekend! It was so relaxing and entertaining. I loved watching Colt and Ephia in their day to day lives. How they raise their kids, where they live, seeing their new house, and getting to know their kids a little more.

I seriously had a great time and I am so appreciative of them for flying us out there for Gabes birthday. I am so going to miss this darling family. I am secretly hoping Gabe decides this should be a tradition! But he told his mom next time Tregs mom can stay home so he can come more often and stay longer. LOL

This was Tregs first time flying and he absolutely LOVED every minute of it. He now thinks we should go on airplanes for all of our vacations. Oh how I wish we were rich enough! Love you Treg I sure had a fabulous weekend with you just the two of us. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Nov 4th - Today was Bowdee's football closing banquet. They played pretty good this year and going into the play offs they were tied for 2nd place. But something crazy happened and they lost their first play off game. So the year was cut short. It was a fun year and next year is the year he tries out for Freshman team in High School. But way to play hard Bowdee we sure love watching you have fun.

Nov 6th - Well we bought this beautiful 1999 Bay Quarter Horse from my dad for $1200. I think she is going to be a lot of fun for Matia to do 4H on next year. This makes our horse count to 4 horses of our own at Crazy Creek Ranch.

Nov 7th - So Bowdee started in the honors art class this year and he has been doing amazing things. He has gotten 96% or above on all of his projects this year and he has really been enjoying it. He also really enjoys his teacher Mr. Bryson who is a pretty awesome teacher.

Nov 9th - With the projects we have been constantly working on Terry and I have become exhausted. I think more mentally then physically. You see Terry is not such a happy boy when he doesn't get his play time in. So we took the night off and headed to the mountains with Troy for a little night hunt. It was fun we didn't see anything but the hike was good for our souls.

Nov 10th - Terry took the night to make some jerky with Bowdee's deer meat. I seriously wonder how Terry has so much talent that boy can cook, hunt, mechanics, build stuff, and do halloween make-up and hair. I am really wondering if there is anything that boy can't do!

Nov 12th - So this is just an update on all the hard work we have been doing on the horse paddocks. We are still making some progress but it is still really slow and I just keep praying the snow will wait just a little longer.

Nov 13th - Finally the day has come. Daisy woke up and was acting really weird today. So I told Treg he had to stay home and watch her because I had a lot of chores I had to be doing. Well he stayed with her all day and watched her and finally at 7:30pm she had her first puppy. Treg and Matia were in there with her on puppy watch and didn't even notice she had given birth.

Daisy did fabulous during labor and delivery and she didn't have a problem with one of them. What a miracle that we were all there to watch her perform such a time stopping moment. Thank you Daisy for sharing that moment with us and not even getting nervous.
This one is the second puppy born that weighed 12 oz. She was the first one we all saw born. They all were pure black no markings at all. Some seem to have curlier coats and a few straight coats. But they are all special to us. Treg thinks he wants to name all the girls with flower names like their mom.
After the 6th puppy we figured she was all but done and it was getting late (10:30) so I sent everyone to bed and couldn't believe it when she had 3 more puppies. She had 9 puppies from 7:30pm-12:09am the smallest weighing 8 oz and biggest was 13 oz. What a memorable night.. let the games begin!

Nov 15th - It has been way to long since we girls last got together besides today was Holly's birthday so we just had to go out and play. I had planned to take the girls to the cabin and spend the weekend there. But the furniture wasn't moved in and Tonja's kids weren't home anyway so we ended up just staying there and playing around town. It really doesn't matter what we do we always have a good time together. Happy Birthday Holls WE LOVE YOU!

Nov 20th - The puppies have all made it to one week old. They are growing little by little. The red puppy (which was the first one we all saw born - the second puppy) weighed 12 oz when she was born. Now she weighs 19 oz. All they really do is squirm around, sleep and eat.

Nov 21st-23rd - Bowdee had a Mesquite football tournament and so I sent Terry down to enjoy the weekend with him while me Treg and Matia stayed home to watch the puppies and feed the animals. Ya, it was sad not to be there but they said it was really cold anyway and we would have had no fun at all. But the boys had a great time. Thank you Terry for being so supportive of your kids!

Nov 27th - Puppies are all now 2 weeks old and yes we still have 9 puppies. We have named this puppy Rosie and she is now 30oz (1lb 14 oz)I have warned the kids that most times with large litters a few of the puppies wont make it. But I have been watching these puppies like a hawk. I still have not left them for more then 1&1/2 hours. I know kinda paranoid but it is also kinda fun. Today we moved them into the kitchen to get a little desensitized. They have opened their eyes and we will start introducing food to them soon.

Nov 28th - Thanksgiving well I heard it was fabulous. I didn't feel good about leaving the puppies all day which is what it is when we go to the Townsends. I also didn't feel good about going for just one hour and going right home. So I sent Terry with the kids and I stayed home to puppysit. I know I don't do much for the puppies right now but I do have to let daisy out when she needs and feed the animals and make sure Daisy doesn't squish one of her babies. Terry and the kids had a great time!

Nov 30th - Paddocks so here is an update on our horse paddocks. It is really coming along but oh it is starting to get so cold. We also don't have the roof completely screwed on, but it is on good enough for now... we hope!