Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec 17- 23 Christmas Dance/recitals


Dec 17th Monday - Tonight Matia had her dance performance. Which of course I have been excited for all day. But when Terry came home he was literally bouncing off the walls. I am sure my neighbors were thinking there was an earthquake going on downstairs. But it was just Terry with his excitement to see Matia dance. It was the first time I had been in the Lehi Jr. High since I graduated there and that was strange. (She is the one in the front right side of your screen)

There was very little seating so it seemed crazy but just before Matia's dance a family left a row empty and we got to move up so we could see better. Matia did fabulous she is so fun to watch. She has loved dance this year with her good friends Maddie and Emeree. She has a hard time on Thursdays because she has piano, homework then straight to dance. But I keep reminding her someday she will be happy she made it through all those long hard Thursday nights.

I have been waiting to post this because we had a secret we were keeping. It has been the hardest secret to keep. Driving both Terry and I CRAZY!!! You see Saturday I went shopping and bought something so special for Treg and her name is Daisy well her name was Tia but that just wasn't going to work in our family without some major confusion. So I renamed her to be Daisy. This is what she looked like when we first got her.
Dec. 18th Tuesday - I spent the day enjoying our preschool Christmas party at school. The kids were so very fun to watch open gifts from each other and finish their gifts for their family. I love to see them all show up with their preschool pj's and when they see me and Chris with the same ones they get sooo excited. We just have so much fun watching movies, playing games, exchanging gifts, and making crafts. Love you preschoolers!
Then after Terry got off work we went to visit Daisy the Dog the newest member of our family that can't even live with us for another week because I am determined to make this a BIG Christmas surprise. So we took our clippers and gave her a nice trim job. She was so patient the whole time and it took us at least an hour to get her to look nice. I can't tell you how excited I am to give her to Treg!!!
Dec. 19th Wednesday - Today I got some major stuff accomplished! I hit about 5 stores for returns, bought some last minute stuff, took the kitten in to get fixed, took Daisy in to get micro chipped and rabies shots, then back just in time to hide the dog, and pick up the kids from school. With this being their last day of school they were all pretty excited. We let them spend the night just chillin' while Terry and I headed to the farm to tear down the double doors in the master bath to put in one door to have more usable room.
Dec. 20th Thursday - With the kids out of school I decided to get Matia's photos taken at Target because I never like their school ones. So we did that and then did lunch with Terry. Which I found out we had a major mishap at the farm. A couple nights ago we put Kamis 2 horses in the big stall together because they hate being apart so bad. Well one of her horses freaked out and kicked the smaller horse "Apache" and punctured her lungs, we had to put her down. It was super sad and we learned a major lesson today. Apache was 24 years old and her teeth were all falling out and she wasn't doing the best anyway but it was still sad. After work Terry and I went down and put up the wall and framed in the new door to the master bathroom.
Dec 21st Friday - Then I took Treg to get his photos done today at Target and after we went to Pat's BBQ with Terry for lunch. He had bought some coupons on Groupon for half price and he was so excited to share this delicious lunch with us. The kids hated the 1 hour wait for the food but the music was good and the food was finally worth it once we got it. Bowdee was especially appreciative of it since he is a major food lover right now.
Dec 22nd Saturday - We again spent most of the day down at the farm working on a little of this and a little of that. The kids had fun running around outside mostly but when they got cold and came inside this is what Matia and Treg spent most of their time doing. I just love that they can be so happy just doing what they do. The house seems to be coming along so slowly that it feels like we will never be able to move in.
At 2:30 I left with my mom and dad to go "Look at a horse for Iz". When really we were headed up to Morgan to pick up a goat I had bought for Matia about a month ago. The family was so nice to hold the goat for me until closer to Christmas. I was so impressed with the girls I bought her from they were about 12 and 14. Reminded me of Kami and I as kids they had the coolest little farm in their back yard and they did all the work themselves. I am so excited to give Tia this cute little Oberhausi & Nubian/Nigerian Dwarf goat she is
Dec 23rd Sunday - This morning when Terry and I went to the farm to feed and work. I was pretty upset to see my sweet Miss Holly Kay had been bitten by something on her right leg. There were 2 punctures about 1&1/2 inches apart and blood dripping from them. I tell you what I need to get living down there to see what is killing the chickens and attacking my horses.
About lunch time we went home to eat and bring the kids down to help us do a little clean up around the farm before the snow comes. They were such good troopers and I don't think I heard one complaint. They moved wood to the hay barn the filled up this trailer with trash from the house and yard. Man I just love my kids and the hard workers they are becoming.
After we were finished working at the farm we hurried home to decorate a Christmas Cake and then head to Mom and Dads for a quick dinner and piano recital. I just can't tell you how much I love living by my family so we can enjoy short moments like this. The recital was so nice to see how much each of the kids have improved over the last year. I know they don't always love it but it is so rewarding to see their improvement. Thanks mom and dad for all you do for us and the kids.