Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 10-16 Bowdee turns 12 - Kristi's Elk Hunt Soapstone

Monday Terry started a new job. I think this is the first career change he has made on his own decision in a very long time. He just got hired by LanDesk which is the company he was working for when he got laid off last time but this is the mother company so some same people but new projects. So Monday night for Family night we talked about making decisions and how you really need to look at the big picture. Then I made a super nice meal Alice Spring Chicken (One of his favorites) and we thanked Terry for being such a hard worker.

Tuesday was filled with Tia and Tregs soccer practices, piano, football practice and I started my new calling in the church. I was called to scouts it's sad to be out of activity days because I did that for so long. I think it was about 4-5 years and lots of fun. But I am really excited about this calling to interview the boys as they are making new accomplishments and moving up in Scouts. I have never had the chance to really get to know these boys so it will be fun. I also love the people I am working with!

Wednesday was a fun day, I had the opportunity to go with Tregs class to the Equestrian park for a field trip about farming. I had 5 boys in my group and man were they fun. It was funny though because there were tons of other schools there and right before we loaded on the bus to leave I ran into one of my best friends who was there with her daughter Peyton's field trip. After school Treg had his football game which was so fun to watch. I will be sad when the season is over. Matia was sad to go to activity days without me but it will be good for her I am sure of it!

Thursday Treg had his last football game of the season. It was a great game but very sad to see it over. Treg has a GREAT sense of the game he really gets it. He pays attention to everything that is going on out on the field. Matia had dance she carpools with Daisy, Ellie, Lexi and Mia which are all darling girls and she just started to take tap after her jazz class. She is loving tap and has never taken that one before it is a class of 4 girls and 2 teachers so its super fun for them.

Friday I was busy all day running around and cleaning for Bowdee's birthday party.. Which really I don't know why I feel like I need to have the house clean before the party it is always after the party that it really needs to be clean. He had just a few friends come over and play night games. Bowdee has learned that the smaller the parties the more fun he has.
So he just invites a few and they have a great time. When we had ice cream I had bought some of those cherries and told them about the stems... Bowdee and Jonah were the only 2 that were able to tie the knot. Other then Matia she did it like 3 times! Terry says she is grounded for life. I am so thankful that Bowdee has such great friends!

Saturday was Bowdee's teams first playoff game and they won. He was so excited. Bowdee has been sick so he hasn't been playing his best and this is the first game he didn't start center. They had him play right tackle and ____________ on offense. But he sure LOVES to hit hard! Treg had his last soccer game of the season today and he played great. He was a little frustrated that he didn't make a goal this season but really he didn't play forward very much so I reminded him its not always about scoring.

After his game he left just as quick as we could to Soapstone Basin for my last weekend on the elk hunt. We got there just in time to park the trailer and head off on our 4 wheelers for a beautiful ride. We didn't see any animals other then 4 horses being ridden down the road but it was a pretty sight! Matia mentioned how she would just LOVE to try fishing while riding a horse! When we got back it was dark and 8:30 so we ate a late dinner then we just headed to bed knowing we would be waking up early for the hunt.

Sunday up at 6:30 on the road by 7:00 with a bag of snacks to hold us over till breakfast. We did a little road hunting and finally saw some doe but still no elk. We went back and moved the trailer to a trail head just off the road and Bowdee and I went for a 4 wheeler ride while Terry made b-fast. When we came back they told us about a guy that died on that trail last weekend. He rolled his Trek's off the road and got his head caught under the roll bar.

It just reminded me of how fragile life is and how fast things can change. We went back up with the whole family all the way to the top. It is amazing how well of a driver Bowdee is. He drove the whole way because I had my gun and he did FABULOUS! I can't believe my kids are growing up.