Friday, May 9, 2014

March 2014

March 1st - We were sad that we had to head down from the cabin with the Callaways for Matia's basketball play offs but we will do it again soon. Matia did great in her games she played so hard. They took second in the playoffs only loosing to a team that plays competition basketball. Matia has always been a really aggressive player with lots of spunk so she is so fun to watch! Good going Girls!

March 2nd - Today I invited my family over to ride all our horses for a while. You see with Kyle moving I realized we don't have much time to enjoy this hobby of ours together. So we all saddled up and went for a short ride in the arena and then down to Dixies and back. I just can't tell you how happy this makes my heart. Tayla had a sad kind of smile on her face because she knows how much she is going to miss these kinds of memory making moments. We will sure miss their cute family!

March 3rd - So we bought a family pass to the AF Rec Center this is something we didn't do last year because of finances and the time restraints of the ranch. But this year we figured we just had to make the time to make this part of our lives. So we have been trying to take the family up to the rec center twice a week while we have time. Racquetball is a favorite activity of our whole family!

March 4th - Saving Mr. Banks today we all just didn't feel like much other than being together so we took a drive down to the sticky shoe to watch Saving Mr. Banks. It was an ok movie we all felt with a bit of education behind it. I figured every once in a while we need to just do something fun and relaxing and stay up a little past our 9:00 bedtime :)

March 5th - Bowdee's Basketball Playoffs being. So here we go the beginning to the ending of a great season with this team. Bowdee had a great time playing for his football assistant coach. He learned a lot and I am always amazed at how good they all get at the end of the year. I hate to see the season end!

March 7th - Tonight Terry and I went on a date with his brothers and sisters to play cards at Tara's house. It made me realize how much I miss being with family. It is a rare occasion when us siblings get together for some fun that doesn't revolve around the children. So it was a great night to just play cards, chat and have fun together! But before we left Treg had his two best friends over to celebrate his birthday a little early because they both couldn't be here next week. Caden and Bode have been such great friends to Treg. I am so thankful they are still buddies after all these 10 years of friendship.

March 8th - Our dear friends the Garricks were moving to their dream house up Provo Canyon right on the river. We are so happy for them to finally have a place where they are excited to be. So we took our trailer over and helped them load up their rental into the trailer and cars and helped them move a good portion up to the home in the mountains. Afterwards we stayed for pizza and a campfire. It was just good to be with them for such an exciting time of their lives. We love you Garricks!

March 9th - Matia had an interview with the bishop and then her new young women's leader Suzie and Jana the beehive president came over to give her a welcoming gift and chat with her a little bit. Matia is so excited to be going into young womens she can barely stand it. I am so proud of the young lady she has become although still in my mind she is my little girl! Love you cute Matia! This will be her last day in primary... I just can't believe it!

March 10th - Horray for no school! Can I just say I love having my kids home with me. I wish everyday was no school day. I do love having them around they are such WONDERFUL kids. So today Matia and her friend Daisy decided to celebrate Matia's birthday by going to the movies and subway for lunch. I sure love the friend that Daisy has been to Matia all these years. She has been there for her like a real trooper, I love how they never talk behind each others backs or have spats. Love these girls!

March 11th - It is still hard to believe that at 12:55pm 12 years ago today my sweet baby girl came into our family! Matia has always had a strong love for animals especially horses it goes way back to when she was just 1 year old. She loved riding Robbie with Grandpa. When she was little she also LOVED to dance around to everything. She still has the moves but really focuses on her little animal friends. Matia has such a kind gentle heart, but will not allow anyone to be mean to others or herself. And now she is in 6th grade, she loves to read, ride her horse Missy Lou, and play with her no-drama friends. I am so glad you are part of our life Matia you are such a special little lady. Happy Birthday. Daddy and I sure had fun taking you to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner and shopping afterwards. You said this was your best birthday ever!

March 12th - Today was a busy day. Treg wants a red velvet cheesecake like the cheesecake factory cake so I spent pretty much all day cooking that. Then horse lessons started and Matia had her first young yomens activity, Bowdee had scouts, and the Blackhurst brought over Cache for us to visit. He was the youngest of the nine puppies we had. He is still a cuddler and cute as can be although he dashed out of the house and we had to play tag for 25 minutes until he would finally let us catch him!

March 13th - Today Treg wanted to celebrate his lunch where I check him out of school at lunch for the rest of the day. So I did and we headed up to Terry's work so he could go with us. We all went to Pizza Pie Cafe (Tregs Choice) for lunch then we went to build-a-bear and then shopping! It was just a fun time being with our baby doing the things he wanted to do! Then at 6:00 we loaded up the horses and off to 4H we went. The boys do not love 4H but they love the riding skills they are getting. Matia well she loves any time she can spend with her horse.

March 15th - Once again I am sitting here stunned to think that today at 11:22am just 10 years ago my baby caboose boy was born. He is really growing up quickly. They say it happens fast but you don't believe it until after 10 years has pasted then your looking back wondering where the time went. I have loved every minute of being Tregs mom. It is such a blessing to have his little personality in our family. Treg still loves money, computers, and his dogs!!! I love how particular Treg is and how amazingly smart he is. We all love you so much Treg just keep being that happy boy and loving what you do! Thanks for being part of our family!!!! Bowdee and Matia helped me get creative and decorated this cake for our favorite baby brother!

March 17th - Today there was a nasty wind warning of winds up to 65 mph. So Terry booked it home from work and got up on the paddocks roof to start screwing it down. You see when we built it we only put one layer of screws on the top and one on the bottom. So Terry worked and worked out there like a mad man. He got alot put in and then the wind nearly blew him off the roof so we figured he was finished for now and we prayed that what he had put in was strong enough to hold it down.

It did hold it down but while he was screwing them in I was out there just incase he slipped off and fell I could call 911. Well I was cleaning the junk pile when I smelled an all to familiar smell... MINK! Then he popped his head out at me and kinked it like what ya gunna do now. I have to admit he was a cute little guy but I wouldn't be fooled I know how deceiving they are. So I got the trap and put some cat food in it and in he went. But the trap didn't go off, I had set it wrong so I tried to throw a piece of wood on it to make the trap go off but I missed and the mink ran out and toward me. I all but fell backwards, when I collected myself again. I reset the trap the right way and WHAMMO I caught a mink!

After the mink drama and crazy wind storm, I spent the day in the house getting ready for our St. Patricks Day dinner. We had Corned beef, jello, salad and guacomole chips. I did have horse lessons so Terry helped throw it all together like he is so good at. Love you my cuties!

March 18th - So the beginning of this month I signed up for the Women of Steel Triathlon. But I didn't want to have to borrow a bike again so Terry bought me this sweet Motobecane off the internet and I have been biking with Kami once a week. I just love going with her. We are both pretty close the the same level although I don't trust the car drivers one bit. I still have fun even though there is pain! Hopefully I can be ready by May for the Tri.

March 20th - Another big milestone for Matia tonight was the Jr. High open night for 7th grade registration. Bowdee was so cute he wanted to be there with her to show her around and to help her with her locker. I am so thankful Matia has a big brother to watch over her. We got there and ran into Daisy (her friend). I still can't believe they are going to Jr. High. I remember them walking into kindergarten together the first day hand in hand. CRAZY!

This was also the day our cat had 6 kittens. Only 3 of them made it past the first day and I don't think Gretel the mom produced any milk because by the end of the 2 weeks they had all passed away. It was sad we were super excited about having kittens run around the ranch. We love you Gretel!

March 22nd - Last night Bowdee played a few church basketball games and they did great. So this morning they were headed for a few more games. Terry and I went to watch and it was so much fun to see the boys in the ward play together. Bowdee did great and they played him alot with lots of enthusiasm toward his ball handling skills. I can't tell you enough how much I just love being in this ward.

March 25th - Oh how we love the ranch!!! These are the days that are time stopping. Today Princess Cinderella had her kid goat. She had a baby girl around 9:00am. Which is weird because Matia always goes out and checks on her before school but today she didn't have time. Which if she had she probably would have known she was going to have her and stayed home to watch. I sat with her for hours after waiting to see if she was going to have another. Just spending that time with her made me so giddy!!!! I LOVE BABY GOATS! Matia has choosen to name her Callie and she weighs 6 lbs 10 oz. so stinking cute!

March 28th - Eighty's Day at school... As we were getting ready for school, packing lunches, showering and stuff my kids casually mention its 80's day and they needed to dress up. Oh boy, I kicked it up a gear and started thinking what can we do, what can we do... Well this is what we ended up with last minute...

March 29th - So Terry woke up and decided today was the day we were going to rent the escavator and tear out the old arena fence posts and dig a line for the goat pen. It was a day full of hard work digging out cement chunks, hauling fence away and cleaning up. But it sure looks alot better. Now we just have to figure out how we are going to afford a new arena fence....

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